Early Movie Tickets

Wease starts the day off talking about the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Apparently last night there was a huge fight about the movie at his house because the tickets were sold out for the first movie showing. Billy mentions he bought his tickets for the film for Sunday. Wease didn't understand what the hype was until Billy mentioned the cast and He realized He wanted to see the "funny raccoon."


Woman High off 12 Bags of Crack Cocaine 

Irondequoit woman was arrested for a hit and run last week on Clifford avenue. She told the police she was high from 12 bags of crack cocaine. The woman has a week old baby and pleaded not guilty to all charges. Kaera Baker, 32, ran over a 31-year-old woman not once but TWICE! After the initial hit Baker got out of the car to remove the bicicyle form underneath the car then proceeded to get back in the car and run over Mary Moore again. Moore is sufffering from a serious head injury and multiple broken bones. Baker was driving without a valid license since hers has been suspended 23 times.  


Sports Talk w/ Ditullio 

Only 3 bids were surprisingly submitted for the Buffalo Bills. Ditullio thinks it going to be a showdown between Pegula and Bon Jovi. Wease points out that Pegula always mentions his wife, which is normally not common. It's cool to hear his wife and he are a team. Then again maybe they have been taking notes from Frank and Claire Underwood from House of Cards. Ditullio was shocked that Golisano didn't put in a bid. He wasn't the only one, Wease didn't get it either.  If the Bills get moved to Toronto, Wease says he will start going to games and remain a fan. His logic is Toronto is way more fun than Buffalo. 

The owner of the Oakland Raiders met with San Antonio officials about moving the Raiders to Alamo City. It's no secret they have been trying to get a new stadium for years.


Greece Votes Against Greece Athena Coach

The vote to reinstate Soccer Coach Bill Hueber fell through with a 5-4 outcome. Many left the meeting outraged even Hueber himself. He believes a few board members have a vendetta against him. One board member was cut from the team when he was a student a decade ago.



Orlando Bloom gets into Bar Fight with  Justin Bieber

Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Bieber early this morning at Ibiza. Justin ducked and followed up saying, "What's up B****!" Apparently way back when Justin was hanging out with a very married Miranda Kerr after a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show back in 2012. She was married to Bloom at the time. This year there have been snapshots of Bloom and Justin's Ex Selena Gomez together. Check out the Footage below:


How Old is Too Old Part Two? 

So with the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie coming out on Friday there will be toys and memoribilia following close behind.  For Adult geeks this is going to be a costly few months. Of course Wease got Billy's opinion since he is THE NERD and owns it! Billy definitely agrees and doesn't think it will be too bad for him. He says, he hadn't got back into the habit of purchasing comic books and toys until he got married to his wife, Susan. Calls her his "enabler." Billy tells us about their plans to attend the Toronto Comic-Con. The Wease family learned a new fact. Toronto has the 3rd largest Comic-Con, coming after San Diego and New York.   


Legit News w/ Doug Emblidge

- Toronto Sun reported that Golisano can still make a bid. Apparently the bidding process wasn't hard set for everyone. It seems everyone is rooting for Pegula, if Golisano doesn't enter the bidding wars. 

- The mother of Mary Moore (the woman we mentioned earlier) wants Kaera to be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

- Wease heard a rumor that Emblidge played golf in the Monsoon. Doug ended up getting soaked and was deep in bodies of water on the course.

- Last surviving member of the crew that bombed Hiroshima died yesterday. Theodore VanKirk died at 93-years-old.


Pauly Calls In!!!

Pauly calls in as a surprise and tells us how he is terrified because he is about to go white water rafting in Letchworth Park. He tells us that Ryann his girlfriend, tried to get him to lose some weight by telling him the weight limit is 250 pounds in order to get into the raft. It's funny because the weight limit is really 300 pounds. Tomorrow we will know what happened with him in the water. 


Jim Shrader - "Driver to the Stars" 

Shrader has been in the business of driving for the stars for a long time. He says the business itself is terrible because you get 6 months of no sleep or money but he says he met some really great people.  

He gave the crew some cool "Floating wine" holders and made a frame for Marianne and Robbie's engagement - cool dude! 



Innocently in Prison

Pennsylvania police are currently holding a kidnap victim against her will to ensure she will appear in court and testify against her kidnapper/assaulter. Her mentally ill boyfriend locked her in the house and screwed the doors shut for 4 days -- despite everything she did not want to testify -- The 34 year old is being held without charges... but has a bail of $25,000



Ask Wease!

- "My friends always take the exact same vacation, same time, place, activities, etc. & I just dont understand it's a big world!! What's your favorite vacay spot Wease?" - Wease says Aruba, or actually anywhere that is a vacation, even NYC. Marianne points out there are different kinds of vacations; Adventure, City (where you take a bunch of tours), and beach relaxation. - But Marianne absolutely despises cruises, says they're "Floating Applebees", but Wease loves em'

- George... "I read there was a recent UFO sighting, do you believe in them?" - ABSOLUTELY, the world is too big to be just us

-Jack... "What would you rather give up... poker, peach or Tedeschi Trucks!?" -- Wease laughs it off & choices Tedeschi by default haha 

- "Since we have access to music anytime/anywhere, has it ruined the experience of everything" - Wease says of course because you dont wait in lines for the new CD/album, & you dont have to listen to the full CD, even though he still does 

- "My son came home from football camp & said he wants to sit out his senior year & just hang with friends, but I (the mom) want him to see it through" - Wease said its a weird scenario & wants to interview the kid; Jackienutt said her parents did let her quit things because they wanted her to see through her commitment! - But wease says quit whenever you want haha - Doreen says maybe the kids friends are in drugs & the sport helps em' stay busy & stay clean!!

- Potter... "I am training for a triathlon, which means 3-4 hours of workouts a day - my Mother in law told my wife she thinks I am having an affair because a married friend of ours recently joined a spinning class & slept with the instructor. What do I do & have you ever been accused of cheating?!" - Wease says to just bring the mother-in-law to the training so she sees it directly, & you're getting in better shape so it should be visually obvious - but No i have never have been accused of cheating, even though Doreen is the most jealous person!

David Bowie Mugshot 


                 courtesy of openculture.com

Wease ended up with a framed picture of David Bowie's mugshot back when he got arrested in Rochester for a felony in 1976. Wease had a huge crush on the oriental woman who was caught with Bowie when he was busted for marijuana. We got a caller that Wease asked who would she rather if it were between young David Bowie and Billy. Her answer?! BILLY! 

Sharknado 2 

Sharknado 2 is premiering tonight and is suppose to be full of your favorite D-List celebrities. The movie is airing on SYFY tonight! It is expected to make a huge bang on Twitter.  

Mom of The Year 

25 year old single mom is up for the Mom of the Year Award. Princess from Louisiana. left her two kids in the car while she was in Wal-Mart. When the police showed up the kids were hysterically crying. The kids were alone in the darkened parking lot at 12 a.m. She told the police she was on the other side of the parking lot giving oral sex to her boyfriend in his car. WOW!