The Wease Show Is Back

Every morning Brooksie stops at the East Ave. Dunkin Donuts to pick up coffee for the crew.  There was trouble this morning... the restaurant had been robbed just before he got there.  The robbers had smashed the drive thru window and the cash register, but didn't get any money.  The police came while Scott was there with guns drawn, kicking in bathroom doors, looking around.  A DD employee called to tell us what he saw on the security cams.  We want to see how they wiggled thru the window.  Brooksie wound up calling Wease, who stopped at a different Dunkin... but only bought coffee for him and Marianne, and forgot Pauly and Brooksie (luckily Billy doesn't drink coffee... but he wouldn't have minded a donut).

We also talk about Wease's July 4th party, and how drunk Wease got.  Wanna see photographic evidence?  Go HERE.

Tools With Sports

Wease actually saw some of both the men and women's Wimbledon finals.  We want to know why the coaches and parents of the players get such lousy seats... why did the winners have to climb so high to get to their loved ones.

The Rochester Red Wings will be playing against the Scranton-Wilkes Barre team tonight, where Derek Jeter is on a rehab stint.

Only in soccer (via Huffington Post)...

SAO PAULO -- Police say enraged spectators invaded a football field, stoned the referee to death and quartered his body after he stabbed a player to death.

The Public Safety Department of the state of Maranhao says in a statement that it all started when referee Otavio da Silva expelled player Josenir Abreu from a game last weekend. The two got into a fist fight, then Silva took out a knife and stabbed Abreu, who died on his way to the hospital.

The statement issued this week says Abreu's friends and relatives immediately "rushed into the field, stoned the referee to death and quartered his body."

Local news media say the spectators also decapitated Silva and stuck his head on a stake in the middle of the field.

Police have arrested one suspect.

Ann Justus Egypt Report

This is our friend Ann Justus, who works at the university in Egypt... Wease thinks she's a CIA agent.  We talk to her about the unrest and political upheaval in the country.  For the first time since we've been talking to her she is scared, and considering coming back to the USA.  She talks about a massacre that happened near her, and how they are trying to blame Americans.

Wease asks Ann if there are any gay people in Egypt.  She says "of course", but they stay in the closet because homosexuality is illegal, and they could be executed.

Ms. Justus will be visiting Rochester at the end of the month, and we can't wait to meet her in person.

Calling Back Ann Justus

After we hung up from the last call Pauly mentioned that when he called yesterday a guy answered, so we call her back to find out who he is.  It turns out she's engaged to a dude from Scotland living there in Egypt.  He's a human rights lawyer, and coming to Rochester with her, so we'll meet him too. 

Bonus Content... Surfer Girls

Doug With News

- Webster Home Burns In Pre-Dawn Fire

- 10 Killed In Alaskan Plane Crash

- Ex-Gov. Spitzer Plans Run For NYC Comptroller

- Hospital Fined Over Live Patient Declared Dead

Happy Birthday Marianne

As per Wease tradition when it's someone's birthday we call the mother, because it's the mom that did the hard work on that day.  We call Marianne's mom, who tells us the story of Ms. Sierk's birth.  We find out they had been hoping for a boy, but Marianne is the 3rd daughter.  The mom doesn't really remember much because she was drugged during the birth.

Rape Jokes Aren't Funny

Singer-Songwriter Ben Taylor was in town recently for the jazz festival, and protesters were outside the venue (and seen by the mother of Pauly's girlfriend).  They were protesting Ben's song "Wicked Ways".  Ben came out, posed for a picture with protestors, and posted the pic on Facebook with this response...

I had my first set of Ben Taylor Protesters, picketing outside with cardboard signs that said "Rape is not funny". (in reference to my song 'Wicked Way')
I assured them that I was honored by the presence of any group of people who would come together to defend the victims of sexual violence. And that my opinion of our species was that we had only begun to understand how to cherish and respect our ...Women with anything close to the sort of dignity and reverence they deserve.
I was disappointed that they hadn't done their homework, so they waisted valuable time and energy picking a fight with an ally.
Cleverness is not as important as spirit. Thank you picketers. You came last night and stood together for what you believe. Your cause and your care are inspiring. And there is certainly no shame in preaching to the choir!

10 Reasons To Ban Gay Marriage

Wease had some fun with this funny list...

Average At Best

The BBC faced mounting pressure on Sunday to take action against one its most high-profile sports presenters for criticizing the appearance of France's Marion Bartoli who won this year's Wimbledon women's singles title.

John Inverdale incensed radio listeners before Bartoli beat German Sabine Lisicki when he asked if people thought her father told her when little that she was never going to be "a looker" like Maria Sharapova so would have to fight harder for success.

The BBC, Britain's publicly funded broadcaster, apologized for the comments after a storm of protests on Twitter, admitting the remark was "insensitive".

Inverdale said on Sunday he had written to apologize to Bartoli and told listeners ahead of Sunday' men's final that he used "a clumsy phrase" about Bartoli in trying to make a point that not all players need to be "6 ft fall Amazonian athletes".

Wease talks about how watching this chick win made him cry, and so did the movie "Legally Blonde", which Diane was watching this weekend.  Wease talks about his transformation from a tough guy to the gay guy that cries at everything.

Older Lady Tossed From Waterpark

Last week, 43-year-old Madelyn Sheaffer of Independence, Missouri went to a water park with her family.  And she declared independence from boring, un-sexy, one-piece bathing suits.  She wore a string bikini to Adventure Oasis Water Park.  The park told her she had to either cover up or LEAVE because the bikini was TOO REVEALING.  Madelyn argued with the staff.  They ended up calling the cops, who escorted her out of the park.  She's filed a discrimination complaint against the park with the city. 

Watkins Glen Comes To Rochester

We're joined in studio by Michael Printup, the president of Watkins Glen race track.  There is a big event coming to Rochester this week.  Here are the details...

It’s NASCAR season and Watkins Glen International is hosting Kyle Busch’s visit to Rochester on July 11, giving Rochesterians and upstate New York NASCAR fans a chance to line the streets as Kyle drags down streets and performs stunts, giving fans the loud, exciting, real NASCAR experience.


Additional Information:

  • First-ever event for Rochester
  • Free and open to entire community
  • Kyle will showcase his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Toyota Camry in the middle of downtown Rochester
  • Kyle will perform controlled stunts with the 800 horsepower M&Ms car
  • This is a preview for the NASCAR Sprint Cup & Nationwide Series return to Watkins Glen that takes place August 8-11. This once-in-a-lifetime moment kicks off the countdown to the Cheez-It™ 355 at The Glen that Busch will race in.


Key Details:        


11 am—M&Ms Toyota Car showcase in front of the Radisson Rochester    

         Riverside, 120 E. Main St.


11:45 am—Kyle Busch drags down East Broad Street from South Avenue to Fitzhugh Street while he burns out and performs controlled stunts. Busch will turn around at Fitzhugh Street and will head back down East Broad Street, coming to a stop on the East Broad Street Bridge.


*spectators can arrive as early as 10:30 am to get a spot on the street

Today is also Diane's last day in Rochester, so we say goodbye to her before she goes back to Philly tomorrow morning.  Before she leaves today Pauly, Billy, and Brooksie will be turning over The Producer's Podcats to her, making it "The Diane Show".  Look for it online later.

Tomorrow's Show

On the show tomorrow we'll find out what's going on with local rednecks and hillbillies in Fla. with Redneck News.... George Carlin's brother Patrick will be on to talk about his new book... John Ditullio and Doug Emblidge supply the legit news and sports... all the regular fun, info, and shizznit talkin' you get from Wease and the crew everyday.  It's nice to be important, but more imporatnt to be nice.  See ya.