Well as you can tell it is Mariannes birthday so if you see her give her a shout out!! They start talking about her birthday & how difficult it is to plan because her moms birthday is tomorrow.... what did she buy her?? A printer!!! Because all her mom wants to do is print recipes :) 



Medical Marijuana!

Governor Cuomo finally signs the bill into effect, but of course there are stipulations - such as waiting 18 months, & you can only receive the medical gang if you have a terminal illness- such as Parkinson, cancer, IBS even, PTSD & a few more.... The weird part is the growers, normal people coming out of no where with years of growing experience in an illegal state hahaha!  But hey it's a start!


Sports talk w/ John Ditullio

According To Los Vegas, odds are Lebron James will be going back to Cleveland, Pauly says he has been taking all of his meeting in Ohio. James will be meeting with the president of the Heats, Pat Riley later this week.


During a Yankees game against Red Sox, a New York man fell asleep. Well he was scrutinized by the announcers on an endless rant so now he is suing the Yankees, Red Sox, ESPN and Major League Baseball for $10 million Dollars!  Reports say commentators, Dan Shulman and John Kruk, insinuated that he was “a fatty cow that needed two seats at a time” and that he “is a confused individual that neither understands nor knows anything about history or the meaning of rivalry between Red Sox and Yankees.”

 Redneck News Today

State police got a call from a girl saying she found some weed. When she told her boyfriend he told her to give it to her or he would break her a**… Thankfully he didn’t touch her but he took his anger out on her jewelry box. He admitted that the weed was his and his fustration got the better of him so he took it out on her jewelry box. 

Christopher Vendel of Farmington was found passed out with a needle stuck in his arm. He was then arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance. 

A girl whose name we cannot pronounce (Miyarne, yeah you try saying that five times, hell try saying it once) was also arrested yesterday for criminal mischief. She was denied services by Wayne County Department of Social Services, so in retaliation she damaged a wooden door molding.

Macedon have had a lot of things but a Redbull thief? A man was caught trying to steal a cart full of Redbull and condoms from Walmart on Route 31. The thief ran across the front yard of the police station headed towards the nearby wooded area and power lines.   

Couple charged with grand larceny. It seems the couple withdrew $1400 bucks from the woman's father's bank account while he was hospitalized. Her story is she withdrew the money to pay for the hospital bills. What he didn't give her permission for was the additional $300 she took from he kitchen. 

 Legit News with Doug Emblidge

City is taking action today to cut down violence in the East End. They are in the process of shutting down Captain’s Attic and Magic City. This was stemming from recent incidents that took place this past weekend. The city was receiving additional pressure from surrounding business owners. 

Hundreds of drivers are getting lots of tickets for distracted driving. Well Empire State Driving Instructors are starting up a court diversion program. For $50, people can sign up to take the four hour class to learn about the laws and danger of distracted driving to reduce the penalty after getting a ticket. 

13 year old Will Thompson became the youngest kid ever to qualify qualifier for the US Amateur. Big deal in the Golf World. Congrats kid. 

Catching up w/ Referee Peter McCabe

 Back in 2009, he was assaulted when he was refereeing a Semi-football game by Leon Thomas. He got a fractured skulls, breaking every bone in his face except his jaw. He didn't even feel the impact that it was so hard. He doesn't remember anything except waking up and sitting on the ground. with another referee informing him the ambulance is on their way. The young man is in jail now serving 10 years. Oddly, his old high school coaches said he was the nicest kid in the world. The entire incident has changed his life. He no longer has any feeling in his face, including his taste buds. Can't taste a thing or smell. 


 Jim Kelly's Football Camp

Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer and cancer survivor Jim Kelly gave us a call today with information about his football camp. The five day football camp will be hosted at St. John Fisher next week. He established the camp in 1988 and has been going strong for 25 years. He has had a steady enrollment of over 500 campers each year. To find out more information click here.



WEASE's Marital Craziness & Doreen Calls in 

So Wease was at a poker game while Doreen was at the house with the kids. As she was doing laundry, she started to smell a rotten egg smell. They call the RG&E and find out its a gas. They are told to immediately leave the house. So Doreen calls Wease and get this, he asks if he HAS to come home. He says he "texted" her saying "Keep him posted." Doreen says she never received any text of that sort and says she hadn't received any call or text to check on her or the family and didn't speak to him until he got home. When Doreen gets on the phone it gets hectic.


Melissa McCartney, Bad Reviews and Hurting in her Pockets

Courtesy of http://www.thevillagestheatres.com/

The movie Tammy, which McCartney stars in has gotten terrible reviews and didn't pack her pockets like the producers thought it would. The expected earnings for the fourth of July weekend was $45 million dollars instead they brought in $21.2 million dollars. 


The East End 

We got the President of East Ave Business Neighborhood Association, John Balone, on the phone. He confirms the allegations regarding Captain's Attic and the shutdown. He says it no longer is acceptable and they will be shutdown. Magic City is a different story, they do have points but not enough to enforce closure.There is still open investigations with the stabbing that happened inside Magic City. Whereas with Captain's Attic they have had an endless amount of incidents. Mayor Warren will be meeting with the owners this week. He sees it as a behavioral problem not a racial issue.