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The Wease Show is back live in studio, and of course the big news from the weekend is the death of Sprint car racer Kevin Ward Jr after being struck by the car of NASCAR star Tony Stewart on Saturday night at Canandaigua Motor Speedway.  This happened the night before the big race at Watkins Glen.  See the video HERE.

Wease talks about Stewart's original decision to race, the racer changing his mind, and then actually watching the race to see how the situation was addressed.

Is it ghoulish that the video is all over TV and the internet, showing a young kid die?  A caller finds it odd that ESPN wouldn't show a basketball player break his leg last week, but will show Kevin Ward Jr's death.  Pauly makes the point of the day... someone dying is ok, but how much outrage would their be if boobs popped out on TV?


The Kevin Ward Jr./Tony Stewart controversy continues with lots of calls from listeners, including a very good friend's of Ward who thinks that Stewart didn't intend to hit his friend, and it was just an accident. 



Wease's Dream

Wease tells us about a crazy dream he had this weekend where he was a Top 40 DJ, someone was trying to piss him off by talking bad about Susan Tedeschi, he ran into Opie on the street, Opie wasn't happy to see him, but they wound up taking a nap together.  Weird.


Bonus Content... Monday Morning Hot Shots


Rachel Barnhart News

Doug Emblidge is on vacation, so Rachel joins us in studio to talk about the Tony Stewart situation, and tell us about other things going on in Rochester, and around the world.

Community Reacts To Deadly Crash In Canadaigua

Gov. Cuomo Signs Bill To Lower NYC Speed Limit

Canandaigua Man Jailed For Sexual Assault

Rachel brings up a point regarding Kevin Ward she'd read in the NY Times... maybe Kevin Ward Jr. getting out of the car to confront his Stewart was because of the racing culture created by driver's like Stewart who have done that in the past.


More Tony Stewart Talk

More callers talk about this weekend's tragedy at Canandaigua Motor Speedway, and how common it is for driver's to leave their cars when angry... one guy even tells us about the time he ran across the track and tried to climb the wall to get to someone.

We then speak to attorney James Nobels about legal issues Stewart may be facing, and the ongoing investigation into the incident.  If you haven't seen the video you can click HERE.

Rachel The Reporter

Rachel Barnhart is still in studio and tells us about other stories she has worked on recently including a woman stabbed 17 times and robbed of her son's college money, and immigrant childrean that may be moved to the Rochester area.

You've probably seen the video of Noah Ritter giving a killer first live TV interview on his local news. Thanks to the internet, we now have the Noah "The Apparently Kid" Ritter song. Be warned, it's really catchy.



Wease At Wrigley Field

Wease went to the Chicago Cubs game on Friday afternoon, except he wasn't actually in the stadium... he was on a building rooftop across the street where he could barely see the game, but had an all you can eat/drink pass.  Marianne still doesn't know which team the Cubs were.

They also tell more stories of Chicago Morning Show Bootcamp, including Jackie Nutt being the youngest person there, asking questions at seminars, drinking too much, and how expensive restaurants there were.  Jackie wound up drinking in what Wease referred to as pajamas, she says they were "yogas".

Wease, Marianne, and Nutt also talk about seminars they went to, how Wease managed to not yell at anyone he disagreed with, and an awkward moment at a  "Women In Radio" seminar she went to.

Dinners included quality time with Dennis Hof from The Bunny Ranch.  He seems to like Doreen.


Also, here's a look at Wease's favorite resident of Chicago, Mr. Skin.


Christy Kerr



LPGA Golf Champion Christy Kerr calls in to promote this week's golf tournament, talk wine (of which she's a connoissour), and a charity event that she'll be hosting at Char Restaurant on East Ave. tomorrow night.  She gives her thoughts on the end of the LPGA in Rochester, Tiger Woods, and her own career.

More Chicago

More story of the Chicago trip, including shopping for some late birthday presents for Doreen (her birthday is Dec. 26th, so he's just a little late).  Doreen is so frugal she still wanted outfit from TJ Maxx and Marshall's.  Wease did buy some new shoes for himself.


Jackie Nutt Slime

Michael Jackson Is A Slob

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Mother Survive's Car Accident