Living In The City




Billy learns there was a shooting in his neighborhood at 5:20 yesterday afternoon, just a few blocks from his house.  That’s why he rarely goes outside.

We also talk about the sad story of the special needs child that was videotaped hanging a dog over a swing set to "play" with it.  The dog has been removed from the house.  You can read the story and see the video here.

That may be why having a pussy like me typing the rundown is bad for you.  If I was smart I'd just put the video here for you to watch, but I don't want to see it, Kevin Ward Jr.'s death, or any ugly stuff like that.  I'd rather see pretty girls.

Bonus Content.... Brew Hot Shots


Canandaigua Racing

Racing at Canandaigua Motor Speedway returns this Saturday, following the death of Kevin Ward Jr. last week.  The police investigation of Tony Stewart in the death continues, which Pauly and Billy think is odd if the original statement was that there was no intent on Stewart's part.

Tools With Sports

The FCC Commissioner says the "Time has come" to end the blackout rule.  We all agree, but the NFL doesn't like it, and is going to fight the movement to end the rule.  Talk turns to the Bills/Oilers legendary comeback playoff game that was blacked out, and all the people that claim to be there.

Bills practice was cancelled yesterday because of rain.  They'll have to play in the rain, why not practice in the wet weather?

The Toronto Raptors have been fined for something that they had no part of, which we think is silly.  During a Drake concert in Toronto he brought OKC player Kevin Durant on stage and did a little recruiting for when Durant becomes a free agent in two years.


Alone Again, Naturally

An article we came across says that eating out alone is becoming more common.  Pauly ate alone yesterday, which Ryann thought was weird and embarrassing.  We also like going to the movies alone... you're not supposed to talk in movies anyway, so why do you need someone with you?

RIP Lauren Bacall

Legendary film actress Lauren Bacall died yesterday.  Wease heard about it on the radio afternoon, and didn't understand why people were making a big deal out of it, and who would care.  Rachel Barnhart is in studio with us, and she is a big Bacall fan, talking about how she watched all of her movies, and the quotes Lauren for us.


Rachel Barnhart News

Doug still on vacation, Rachel sitting in....

Man Accused Of Threatening President Obama, Mayor Warren

Police Investigate Dewey Ave Shooting

Vote To Appeal NFL Blackout Rule

As you know, news teams HAVE to be ready for anything...  So what should they do when a drunk tries to video bomb their live TV shot?

Well, if you're Bethlehem, Pennsylvania TV2 Sports Director Mike Zambelli -- you attempt to punch the guy in the neck.

"He startled me, so I reacted," Zambelli said. "He ran off… It's not a big deal."

Zambelli -- and sports analyst Steve Degler -- were doing a LIVE telecast when a guy wearing a cowboy hat, Batman shirt and crappy excuse for a neck beard, draped his arms over the shoulders of Zambelli and Degler long enough to drop a few f-bomb related expletives.

Before the guy could finish his "I love you man" hug -- Zambelli attempted to connect a straight right to throat -- but the man ran off as security gave chase. They never caught him.


Check out the uncensored video here.

Backhand Compliments

Marianne can turn any compliment into an insult, and Wease mentions how Marianne looks good in photographs, and has great stage presence.  Marianne thinks this means that she doesn't look that good in real life, and her comedy isn't that funny.  Women.  

Kids In Cars Debate

One parenting technique in another country that hasn't caught on here is something they do in Denmark.  Danish parents leave their kids sleeping in a stroller on the curb while they go inside to shop or eat.  

It's Wease and Rachel Barnhart vs. Marianne when it comes to thoughts about leaving your kid in the car if you have to run into the store or something.  Marianne thinks the kid should never be left in the car, Wease and Rachel thinks as long as it's not hot in the vehicle it's fine.  Marianne admits to laziness, and will see if she practices what she preaches when she actually has children.

Ask Wease

To me the reaction to Robin Williams death seems to be even more overwhelming than most celebrity deaths.  Do you feel that way?  Why do you think that is?  The longevity of Robin's career, and the wide variety of work he has done, is definitely a factor.  Even members of terrorist groups are fans, like the group ISIS  See some of the tweets HERE.


 - Do you think the media has released too many details about Robin's suicide?  The coroner's job is to determine the details, but does the news need to tell us the gory details.  What is it about people's morbid curiosity that people want to know know this, and see gory videos?

Wease also give his thoughts on the race riots and police protests going on in Ferguson, MO after the police shot a young black man.


We also try to delicately answer a question from a caller about why his girlfriend's knobber style may have changed.

- When you're out of town and want to brag about Rochester what do you tell people about?  Rochester is so cool there isn't just one thing there are many things... festivals, Wegmans, the Strong Museum of Play, Artisan Works, Kodak, The Eastman School, Lou Gramm and Foreigner, Fredrick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, and many more.

Here's Why They Say "Oh God" During Porn

In case you missed it: A horny gal in Austria has admitted to filming a porno flick inside a church after a tipster recognized her exquisite breasts.

In the video, the woman, Babsi -- whose face is not shown -- undoes her top and gives her Devil’s Dumplings a good rejoicing while clutching what appears to be a Bible and a rosary.The New York Daily News reported that at least TWO porn videos featuring the same woman were filmed at the same church in June.

Here’s the real head scratcher: According to the “Austrian Times,” a priest went to police AFTER parishioners said they recognized their church in the video. Then the images of the gal’s DIY project were then shown by local media as part of a police appeal to trace the woman with the impressive rack.

So parishioners said they recognized their church in the porn video? Well, I’m sure they were only watching to make sure that it WASN’T their church. Good thing they stuck it out.  See a SFW Video HERE.