Amber Alert


Yesterday Wease and Marianne were arguing about whether kids should be left alone, left in cars, etc…  This morning it looks like Marianne was right in her take that they shouldn’t.

The St. Lawrence Co. Sheriff's has activated the New York State AMBER Alert and is investigating a confirmed child abduction that occurred on State Hwy. 812/Mt. Alone Rd., in Town of Oswegatchie at about 7:20 Wednesday night.

Fannie Miller, 12 has brown hair and brown eyes. She is approximately 5 feet tall and weighs about 90 pounds. Fannie was last seen wearing a dark blue dress with blue apron and black bonnet. Delila Miller, 6, has brown hair, brown eyes, stands about four feet tall and weighs about 50 pounds. She was last seen wearing a dark blue dress with blue apron and black bonnet. She has a round scar on her forehead and is missing front teeth.

The vehicle has been identified as white four-door sedan. Vehicle is small with unknown plate number. Two female Amish victims went to their roadside stand to wait on a customer in a small white 4-door sedan.

A witness saw a passenger of a vehicle throw something in back then get in the back seat. The vehicle left the scene and the victims were gone. Anyone with any information on this abduction is asked to call the St. Lawrence Co. Sheriff's at (866) NYS -AMBER or dial 911 to provide information on a report or sighting.

We feel bad there aren't any pictures of the girls to spread around for people looking for them because they are Amish.

Zagari Pleads Guilty

Do you remember the big story from January where Vincenzo Zagari basically shutdown Pittsford when he tried robbing a bank, steal from Wegmans, stole a car, and threatened people with a gun?  It lead to him being shot by police.

Yesterday he pleaded guilty to his crimes.  He will be sentenced on September 16th to 12 years in prison but will likely serve 10 and a half, because of time already served since he was arrested.

Zagari's mother was very emotional in support of her son accepting responsibility for what he did.

John Ditullio Sports

Wease has become an Atlanta Falcons fan after watching the first episode of "Hard Knocks", which features the Falcons in training camp.  Wease loves William Moore because he has a huge mansion with a palm tree in it.  Wease also loves coach Brian Cox, who was the captain of his "A-hole Team" when Cox was a star defensive player in Miami. 



Did you see the Atlanta sportscaster that dropped 20+ Robin Williams references during his report?  Very cool



Birthday Thoughts

Billy's birthday is tomorrow, and he's doing the lame thing where he's taking a vacation day on his birthday.  Wease thinks Monday is a better use of a long weekend.  Billy usually agrees with that thought, that way you get off on a raggedy Monday, but Billy and Susan are going out tonight, and that way he gets to stay up late, and today is his Friday.  What nerd thing is Billy doing tonight?  A thing called RiffTrax, a live via satellite showing of 1998's "Godzilla" with the people that made Mystery Science Theater 3000 making fun of it.



Billy is turning 49.  Wease says he should tell people he's 50, and that way he can be 50 for two years.

Conflict In Webster/Ice Bucket Challenge

Webster residents that live along the shore are upset about boaters invading their property. 

While Webster town law states that Lake Ontario is public property up to the water's edge, homeowners say they routinely have strangers walk through their property to get to the water, or linger on private sand to eat, drink, walk dogs or cook food. After years of putting up "no trespassing" signs and calling 911, the most residents can do is repeatedly ask boaters to leave private beaches.

This leads to the topic of conserving water, and Marianne telling stories of when she lived in Los Angeles, and how even though there is a shortage of water in LA everyone is doing the ice bucket challenge.

Proof that Billy is turning into a bigger geezer than Wease is that Wease understands what is going on, and the way it is raising money for ALS.  Pauly was challenged so he decided to go downstairs and complete the challenge.


Jimmy Shubert

Joined in studio by our buddy, the hilarious comedian Jimmy Shubert who is at The Comedy Club in Webster tonight thru Saturday.

Jimmy talks about his friendship with the late Robin Williams, being in the movie "One Hour Photo" with him, how Robin came to see Shubie perform a couple months ago, and since it's "Throwback Thursday" here's a great picture of Jim with his mentor Sam Kinison, and Robin Williams.


Wease and Shubie then discuss negativity on the internet, and how people are even hating on the death of the legendary comedian, plus the bad stuff internet trolls say about everything from restaurants, to TV shows, to us.

Adam McFadden


Joined in studio by City Councilman Adam McFadden, who is here to talk about issues in the inner city, education, law enforcement, the difficulties of raising young men, graduation rates, and more. 

Wease also brings up the story of the Buffalo teacher sentenced to 30 days in jail for making out with a 13 year old student.


Adam Continued

We continue with Adam McFadden answering questions and comments from callers regarding growing up poor, food stamps, and problems in schools.

Bonus Content... Shark Week: Fact Or Fiction


Ed Roland 

Joined in studio by Ed Roland, the lead singer/songwriter of the rock band Collective Soul, best known for hits like "Shine" and "The World I Know".  He tells stories of how the band started, and it's overnight success.

Wease and Ed also reminisce about Woodstock '94 and '99. where Collective Soul performed and Wease was the MC.