We all love this day :) & a big Happy Birthday to Billy who is off today!!


Wease starts off by feeling bad because he has asked for illy at least 3 times this morning just completely forgetting!! Pauly says that where his girlfriend works they give you off for your birthday as a nice built in vacation... Some of Wease' dudes will always take off their birthday no matter what!



Radio Host Shoots Wife

Wease goes to a story he heard in the news montage about a Ohio radio host who shot his wife in the head - He called police immediatly after it happened & claimed it was a simple accident, but police is not really buying it. A fight had been brewing earlier that day between the two & apparently he showed up at the house with the riffle in his hand already, but yet it was "accidental"... ya okay!

Full story --> 



Amish Girls Found

The Amish girls abducted yesterday have been found safe - Wease starts off though that this got him & Doreen in a fight... The two girls were dropped off in a vehicle late last night (age 12 & 6), they went to a strangers home, where that person then took them home. Wease & Doreen's fight is because Doreen says they escaped and some random guy dropped them off & Wease is calling bullshiz and the douchebags dropped em' off that stole them... There is only one report of the girls escaping & the rest is them being dropped off. Somebody went door to door to let everyone know. The man who was trying to put the word out didn't understand how everyone find out being that they don't have electronics.Channel 10 said it was a Amish Noble who did it because of an Amish feud. 


Sports w/ Tools 

Buffalo Alliance Group found this document where Bon Jovi group does plan on get a hold of the team but there sole purpose is to move the team to Toronto. 

Wease has found a friend in Tom Brady. Brady says he touches his Center's ass probably more than his wife does. "I love those guys they work so hard the Center quarterback relationship is very special." 


       courtesy of

Poker Player, Daniel Colman wins $15 million dollars and he doesn't lose his poker face even after winning. He reacted like they found his dog dead. 


Mashall's Film Review

- The Giver has been given terrible reviews, so bad that it has been dubed a "teen flick," Wease didn't know what that film was but after hearing about it, he isn't interested.

- Wease is more interested in the movie Let's Be Cops which has only made $9 million for its opening weekend. Marshall agrees and has his money on Let's Be Cops - We listened to Grace Randolph, our Youtube Movie Reviewer hahaha & she bascially said the writing and setup for the movie is terrible... but the acting makes up for it! 


Random Stories

- ESPN's NASCAR Twitter had some serious grammatical mistake when they tweeted, Tony Ward Jr. name wrong and then tweeted a picture of Tony Stewart along with it. They immediately retracked the statement and apologized for the mistake.


- 20 year old Llyia Natiazho fell asleep at the wheel and drove into a house, thankfully it was vacant. Wease and Pauly thinks it's not something uncommon, they find themselves very sleepy at the wheel sometimes too. Wease admits he will pull over if he feels his body trying to go to sleep. 


- 28 year old Marcus William pleaded guilty to sex trafficking a 15 year old girl. It is a minimum 10 years in federal prison. He was using the website to advertise the young girl's services, so to speak. 


Marianne Calling from B-25 

Marianne is calling in via bluetooth from a B-25 Bomber air borne during the airshow. The reception was kind of bad but if your in the downtown area you can see her, Brooksie, and Pete Kennedy doing circles around the area. Marianne especially enjoyed the fact that both pilots names... were Roger! haha



Shubi Back In Studio! 



Wease will be doing the Ice Bucket Challenge right after the show. He doesn't know who he will challeng yet seeing as how EVERYONE has done it. A guy on top of a mountain did the challenge and had a a helicopter drop GLACIER WATER on him. check it out below: 



More Random Stories 

- A strip club in San Francisco is having a job fair because they are having trouble finding people to work for them. Get this, the unemployment rate in San Fran is low. They are looking for dancers, hosts, bartenders & even janitors! So if you think you qualify head to San Fran hah


- The Ignore No More app gives parent the ability to lock their child's phone if they feel they are being ignored no matter where they are. The child can't call, text or answer the phone, however they can still call 911 or their parents. Shubi was as amazed at the new app, but Wease just reminds him the time, they are a changin'!


- A clothing company, Lands End, wanted to give their customers a gift so they partnered up with GQ & sent their loyal customers an issue of the magazine. Well those loyal customer were pissed when they received their "gift" calling it porn. One customer even wrote a letter saying "I order school uniforms for my children who attend a Christian and I receive this porn in the mail." Wease and Shubi don't understand how GQ could be the equivalent of porn. The customers were also sent Glamour, Self & Vogue magazine - Nutt points out that Vogue is the female version of GQ, why are they not pissed over that? A caller also reminds us of the classic Seinfeld when they bet who could last the longest without self happy endings... & George losses when he does it to a Glamour magazine !!!! 


- Chelsea Handler recently posted a naked picture on Instagram, taking a shot at the Kardashians. Her caption said "I am a Kardashian." Wease respects Handler for her balls to do the things she does & asked Shubs if he was ever on her show? Shubi never was despite his attempts, he believes its because he doesn't fit their demographic (yah okay!!)  



Hot Chicks & Hangover Kits

An Alcohol delivery service that uses hot girls in underwear….. yah what can go wrong!? An alcohol based company that delivers your favorite liquor & clean underwear to make part of a handy Sleepover packs that will also include socks, a T-shirt, sunglasses and thankfully, hangover-fighting vitamins & mixers for your liquor of course!! The service will be available for only one week starting this Friday… long enough for them to realize their delivery girls are going missing... Packs will range from $40 - $100 and be available 4pm – 9pm & yes if you want it on a discount - there are coupons available haha --> 



Death from Selfie

- A couple falls off a cliff while trying to take a selfie - The Polish couple went over the safe barrier rope to take the picture on "Cabo da Raca" cliff in Portugal... unfortunately their children were with them when the incident took place, only 5 & 6 years old :( 


Selfie Free Zone

Comedian, Jena Kingsley, set up a camera in Central Park while she pretended to act as the selfie police and forbid anyone from taking selfies during the designated time! Video:


Ask Shubi

"Are other comedians as sweet as Robin Williams was?"

-Most of the guys he works with are truly sweet and nice. Bobby Slayton puts on a rough exterior but in reality he is the nicest person. He has invited Shubi for dinner with his family on multiple times.

"Do you remember the hilarious but short bit about Wease's Old Man Balls?"

-Yeah he does & we made sure to replay it for everyone who didnt! He also recalls people recording skits when he has shows and can't stand it. "It's okay to video tape a piece of a concert but I have seen people record the entire show."

"Did Roseanne remember you when you were on Last Comic Standing last night?" 

-Well when he was younger he had very personal relations with her. So after 31 years on Last Comic Standing there was a sign of recognition (a nice little wink n head nudge from her). Shubi says she looked fantastic last night though, probably her best in years!


Marianne's Back from her Air Ride 

When Marianne first sat the Bomber she thought it was super cute since it had cartoon characters on it. She couldn't believe it ACTUALLY was a killing machine. The damn thing is 70 years old so now it is just used for Air Shows. She talks about the technical difficulties and how loud it was up there and happy she had the headphones. Shubi recalls being in the helicopter when he was overseas doing shows for the Seal Team. Super important to wear the headphones or else you'll go deaf. Nobody wants that to happen



Random Topic

Today is the Anniversary of the first concert at Woodstock. Pauly looked up Woodstock on break and found out something interesting... Concerts would last so long at night that, People who played the night before would be opening at 9am in the morning. Jimi Hendrix did the Star Spangled Banner in the morning at Woodstock, pretty infamous but Wease hated it, but then again he can't stand any of concerts that were at Woodstock only because the sound quality was TERRIBLE, yikes. But the Fish Cheer he says was pretty fun. Gimme an F! Imagine doing that at concerts now haha. 


A Caller w/ a Good Story

Wease doc., Dr. Cavalera tells us about how he was on a cruise ship a couple weeks ago. Apparently Al Katz was the comedian on the boat and he raved about the WEASE show. Bill Moran steps in for a minute and shines light on the sich! Apparently this comedian married someone the entire crew knows. The best part is Ditullio had him at the top of the Worst Comedians Ever bracket. HAHA! 


Man Dies after Sexual Attempts w/ his Donkey

-A Saudi Arabian dude died from attempting to have sex with a his donkey. He had his donkey tied up to the back of his car. The donkey was not too happy with the idea and ended up kicking him once in the face and three times in the stomach. geez. 


Even More Random Stories 

-Kenny Loggins, a man who made hits, is going back to the basics. The music business is so bad that he is now doing kickstarter campaigns to help raise money to promote his new album. This 28-year-old went to his sight and bought 30,000 tickets so he can get Kenny Loggins in his living room.

-More and more wedding planners are suggesting couples to inform their guests to turn their cell phones off. The phone is a major distraction for many people during a wedding even the bride! This one bride took her phone out while the groom was saying his vows and started texting.