Billy is still off, coming home from Syracuse this morning & hiting the new Sin City movie


Wease started the morning off with the news that Magic City Club on the East end is reopening tonight after 'voluntarily' closing due to  TONSSSSS of fights!!! & Of course with the reopening comes new rules, such as a full body metal detector right when you walk in, as well as the wand security guy, a license scanner so they can tell real vs fake easier, they updated their staff & now have a car patrolling the parking lots so nothing happens there after the club closes. LOT of new rules, sounds like an airport Wease said with all the security measures haha! Full news report --> 


Late Pizza? Fake Murder!

An 18-year-old Mark's Pizzeria delivery guy was late delivering a pizza & instead of just saying he was lost... he claimed he saw a murder!!!!! Cops spend over 2 hours searching after this guy told em' he saw a bunch of Puerto Ricans run up & stab/kill a 7 year old kid... with a machete!!!!!!!!! HOW CRAZY - the kid eventually admitted he made it up, but Wease favorite part was the kids manager... who when interviewed said "it's very surprising, but he couldve just called & said he was lost & couldnt find the house, we wouldve helped him" & when asked if the kid was fierd... the "wease style manager" said no :) - Unbelievably crazy yet real! 


Fairport Music Festival!! 

This weekend :) All the information --> 


Sports with Harry Gibbs 


First off Harry was a few minutes late & Wease busts his cajones saying Tools is NEVER late!!! Apparently Harry had to rerecord something for WHAM because he didnt like how it sounded... 

- Syracuse Carrier Dome was voted #2 on the AP's Basketball Poll & Wease is pissed because HOW in that big ass stadium can you even see a basketball game, especially when it's shared as a football stadium! - Harry says it is so popular because it's one of the only college stadiums that serves alcohol because technically its not on campus, just right off it

- Don Sterling Gay!?!?! His lovely lady V. Stiviano filed a lawsuit saying she never banged Sterling... she was "just his beard" - Harry weirdly thinks it's a smart move cause gay is so hot right now haha... this sadly leads Wease to a tangent story about gays


Gay Couple Gone Wrong

A Syracuse man, David Davis and his boyfriend got into a fight late Tuesday night while with David's 5-year-old son present. They sent the little boy in another room & the two continued to fight, until the boyfriend collapsed on the grass. Davis left his boyfriend & later checked on him a few hours later, only to find him dead.... Davis fled and called early Wednesday morning to report his son missing... they found the son in 20 minutes, then found Davis & arrested him with second degree manslaughter (the photo is of the boyfriend who passed away) 


Movie Review

Our normal man Marshall Fine is out of town making a movie.. so we get reviews from Youtube's Grace Randolph

- 'Sin City'


- 'If I Stay' -- Wease doesnt really understand this movie haha, he thinks when presented the door to heaven ya take it!!! Who wants to come back to earth?!! haha


- 'When the Game Stands Tall' -- No one really reviewed this one even though its the one Wease REALLLLY wants to see! 


The Emmy's 

 This weekend & Entertainment Weekly did a cool thing where they name the nominees, say who they think is going to win... but who in actuality should win! Here's a few (

- Best Drama Series Nominees: Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Mad Men & True Detective -- They think Breaking Bad will win... & it should win!!!

- Best Comedy Series: The Big Bang Theory, Louie, Modern Family, Orange is the New Black, Silicon Valley & Veep -- hey think Big Bang Theory will win... BUT Louie should win!!

- Best Actor in a Comedy: Louis CK, Louie, Don Cheadle, House of Lies, Ricky Gervais, Derek, Matt LeBlanc, Episodes, William Macy, Shameless, & Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory -- They think Louie CK will & SHOULD win :) 


 News with Doug

- Red Light Cameras make driving safer: 

- Magic City Reopens today: 

- Buffalo Bills Bids total: 

- Pizza delivery guy gets lost & fakes murder:

- Carrier Dome named #2:  -- Funniest fact about the Dome is that it's named after an AC company... & has no AC hahah

- The Amish abductors wanted  to turn the girls into slaves (what saved them was the mass media covering & that scared the abductors): 

- A firefighter was hurt while helping with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:  


Ice Bucket Debate 

We get a text about how not everyone has time to do the challenge or doesnt want their "stupid Facebook fame" - Nutt & her boyfriend didnt do the challenge & instead donated $100 each!! Recent in the news is the co-founder of the challenge drowned... but there is a recent one that will make you cry 


& Wease questions who hasnt done the challenge yet...  since Kermit the Frog just did!!!! 


& A hysterical compilation of ice bucket challenge FAILS!


Brockport Fire Lieutenant in Trouble

A Brockport Fire Dept. Lieutenant is accused of depositing about $400,000 in federal checks into his personal & business accounts - In all it was about 128 checks  from the Dept. of Treasury (full story:





Jon Lovitz Calls In!!!!!!!

He sadly missed his connecting flight so he gave us a call from the airport!! Slayton was talking to Wease yesterday & said that Lovitz is the only guy that can make Slayton's daughter (the Pussy Cat Doll) laugh!! He's lied about cancer on 'Seinfeld', special guest on 'Hot in Cleveland,' was a stoner on 'Friends' & many many more amazing things!!! For tickets & info. here's the Comedy Club Website: 


Lucky Numbers


Marianne found an article about lucky numbers & how they can make you happy! haha For example - when you want that third drink or that second piece of pie... wait 15 min. and the cravings will go away - Are you a procrastinator?? Use the 5 minute rule, work for 5 min, take a break & redo it!! Pauly says he is the opposite of procrastinator, he does the work immediately when he gets it!!!! Marianne says to use the 2 minute rule for that... if it can be done in less an 2 minutes... do it & if not then leave it until another day! 


Damn Red Light Cameras


Wease hates these cameras because well he gets tons of tickets from them hahah & there is a new news reporting that these cameras are actually making driving safer (Which Wease thinks is a bullshiz study!!) After many calls, arguments, texters & everything we learned that when you make a right on red with these cameras, you NEEEED to stop before the white line & wait a few seconds before making the turn - We also were trying to think how can someone possibly get in an accident with these lights (comment from texter) & Pauly brilliantly thought of when a car is approaching a light that they know has a camera... light turns yellow & your not making it so you slam on the breaks & the person behind you rear ends your car!