Wake Up Wake Up Wake up!!!!

Well Jackienutt here again, because August is what we like to call around the Wease Show, "Billy Month" haha he's smart & saves up those days for a great end of the summer - This time he's in Toronto at Comic Con & I am just ready to start the weekend (This is a pic of me... wanting it to be the weekend!!!!!!) 



Wease starts this lovely Thursday off by talking about the Social Security office that is in our building because they get top stroll in, in their PJ's & get to lay around & Wease cant do that! But Pauly does let us know do to his dressing he has been mistaken for one of those people haha... which just digs Pauly into a hole because Pauly today is not wearing socks with his sandals (athletic ones) - Tools & Wease are pissed because Ryan (his gf) told him no sock & they think the sport sandals with socks are freakin cool!!!!.... Ryan hid Paulys socks this morning so he wouldnt wear them (yes he admitted he lays his clothes out the night before hahah) & she has hid one of Paulys fedoras (a Wease' styleeee hat) 



More Than DWI 

A driver in Canandaigua decided after a few drinks he would start driving - 58 year-old Will Lantier drove his Jeep Cherokee down Main street causing 6 hi-and-runs, while also smashing into 9 cars... until finally a good Samaritan used his larger vehicle to blockade the drunk driver, he then continued to get in the car & take the keys - the man was arrested & is in deeeeeeep shiznit! - Pauly weirdly goes to whether or the good Samaritan has a first aid kit handy for the drunker driver.. because in his car he has a scrapper, first aid kit, fluids & jumper cables!! 


A text from a listener "Pauly is setting the status for her (Ryan) to be the boss in the marriage" - SO Pauly tells the xbox story when she hid the xbox, told him it was "being fixed" & when 2 weeks go by & Pauly still has no xbox... she breaks down & tells him she just hid it - But Tools agree's & says there is a definite time when you need to put the games away & grow up :( 


Tools with Sports

- Bills wanting to sharpen their offense; Tonight is their fifth & final preseason & Wease is just hoping they've been faking for years about being bad & now they are just going to shock the shiz out of us all!! For their first game against Chicago next week Tools has over, under 6 - Wease has over, under 9 

- Wease is now addicted to watching Hardknox haha & he brings it up again because there is a guy who quit after a week or two (probably lineman) & the coach was just straight out questioning him... are you sure??? (Wease cant remember the players name) & the Bills player that just received the DWI also just signed a $3 million contract WHICH HE GETS TO KEEP!!!!!!! so whose saying he didnt do it on purpose??

- Josh Shaw told the lie he injured himself by jumping off second story balcony to save his nephew from drowning (& his sister backed him completely) - Now they are even asking the cops what to do when it was a dumb lie, from a young nervous ass kid ... But Tools does point out he got a council so is he guilty?? Wease says he's just scared and wants protection since he will be making decent money later on!!



A Different Winning Tactic 

Nick Saban is the football coach for Alamaba & Tools had brought him up becasue Texas tried to lure him away from Alabama for $10 million a year !!!! He learned about his daughters first kiss... in a very weird way!!! Clint Tricket is a QB for West Virginia are opening against Alabama this week... so this Clint kid admits that the first person he made out with was Saben's daughter ... Wease asks Tools that wouldnt it be nice she went with a great QB & Tools says HELL NO because they have all the options & the biggest man on campus - Wease says this is definitely a way to piss Saben off before the big game!! haha... this is Nick's daughter, Kristen!!



Paulys Cousin Arrested

Former Ashtabula county resident pleaded guilty to 5 sentences of wire fraud (almost $92,000!!!)... PAULYS FIRST COUSIN ... Was sentenced to 4 years probation, pay restitution, be on house arrest for a few months! - well Paulys 90 year old grandfather, grabbed the newspaper yesterday morning & saw this ON THE FRONT PAGE with her mugshot... & of course the family tried to play it off to grandpa like it was one big accident!! She has def spent the money already because she has gone on many cruises & that side of the family has been constantly braggin about how much money she makes & how well she's doing... but when she got arrested that side of the family made up a hugeee lie that made her look like an all-star... until yesterday when Pauly heard the truth! She did this all while working as an accountant for a HUGEEE hospital!! 


Doug with News

- Man whose accused of rape 24 hours after being released from prison will appear in court today --> http://bit.ly/1pa1pwL 

- Mom who left her kid in hot car while working will be sentenced today --> http://bit.ly/1zK1SvV 

-Time Warner Cable outage yesterday is under investigation

- Student start school next week & every visitor to Greece school will receive instant background check --> http://bit.ly/1ly17Fm 

- Livingston county dangerous algae may arise again

- Canandaigua yesterday a man driving drunk hit 9 cars & went on a crazy hit-and-run spree --> http://bit.ly/VSuQfx 

- Sheriff deputy driving last night see's a house on fire & wakes up all 6 people in the house & saves them --> http://bit.ly/VSuOV9 

- Kendall school district kids are petitioning the board to try & get cursive on the curriculum --> http://bit.ly/1tG7KX2 


Mitch Fatel

Comedian at the Comedy Club in Webster this weekend! If you remember... this is the comedian whose wife (of 2 years) has a girlfriend & all three of them live together... yah!!!!! Now he bumps it up to a four some... couple swap (which Wease says completely freaks him out!) Mitch & his wife also used to have a swinging radio show but they mostly get picked up (or pick up other chicks) at comedy shows because she's scopin out the other broad! - Wease has to point out how much Mitch looks likes Mariannes future husband Robbie (SOOOO TRUE!), Mitch said he would def have a threesome with Marianne & Wease knows she finds Mitch hot but will not admit it haha .... you be the judge!


Wease talks the end of summer :( Mark Ippolito was just in Coney Island with his kids because they were supposed to go to Cedar Point but the weather was bad and they wanted to do something fun (no baseball haha) But another amusement park just bought Coney Island so it's getting a lot better with the roller coasters - Mitch saysa the only reason to have kids is to go back on roller coasters haha but he wants to be over 50 (he's now 47) before he has kids because he's having wayyy to much fun right now :) 


A drunk guy driving hit two kids and killed them, the dad of the two kids lost his mind, got his stuff & went out to murder the man who was drunk driving & killed his boys - he was just in court today & he got a not guilty verdict thank goodness!! Here is a news report: 


Wease wants to hear moer crazy story about Mitch, his wife & their insane sex life!!! Mitch's girlfriend really wanted to bring another couple together & they bet a couple online who was super hot & they decided to do soft swaping which is stuff did in high school, the touching n paying but no sex... the other couple girl forced herself into Mitch &b they had sex.... so Mitch had to let his wife bang the other man - But that doesnt bother him he enjoys watching her with other people - Wease & Mark both say they would freak seeing their wife with another man -- this is Mitch's wife, Jessica!!!


Jennifer Aniston 

She is in the news for two great sets on Kimmel!!!! One was a reunion of Friends with guests Lisa Kudrow & Courtney Cox (here below:) 

The second set she's in the news for is talking about breast milk ahaha... not breast feeding but the actual taste of breast milk because she has tasted it & she thinks it taste simple... soy milk simple! Ugh cant imagine drinking breast milk & the thought just freaked Wease out! - Here is that set: 


Marijuana Studies!! 

Couples with more frequent marijuana use have less domestic violence... SHOCKING!! But also get chunkier in the relationship - Marianne told a story abut a guy she was dating who said she drank too much so they stopped, but he said they needed a new drug so they smoked smoke weed... she said she did gain 10 lbs!!!!!!! Wease hates that Doreen is sooooo anti drug... wont even drink coffee haha but Wease loved the fact that Doreen let Wease smoke/eat marijuana when he had cancer... Mitch has only ate edibles once but is more a boozer than 'marijuanaer' & Marianne agrees... then we talk the stuff Marianne does drunk...like her drunk voice, the floating fork behind napkin & the walking down the stairs bit but she doesnt walk in front of anything!!


Hollywood Slime with Marianne 

- BET producer Karrueche Tran has been fired after poking fun at Beyonce & Jay-Z's daughter, Blue Ivy's hair while appearing on 106 & Park  --> http://bit.ly/1lyhodv 

- Kirk Cameron's new movie "Saving Christmas" where Cameron goes around saving the shizzz out of Christmas.. save it from what? see here -->  http://bit.ly/1tGy43r 

- Tony Soprano DID NOT DIE!!! This was brought up after a question "Did Tony die at the end of The Soprano's?" - the gist of it was no... but there's a lot more back story --> http://vult.re/1lyhMbN 



Its Worth the Wait

Waiting can result in happiness for some people - waiting for an experience is more exciting than waiting for something (an item, like a car!) because you have something fun and exciting coming up!! Mitch always looks forward to getting home from the road & watching "Game of Thrones" with his wife & ordering sushi :) Pauly is excited about going to Harrisburg to visit family.. Wease said he dreads things like that so its weird Pauly looks forward to it! The phrase "worth the wait" is true.. but depends what your waiting for!! Mitch said this is because items are fun for a few days but then it wares off... a good experience is a great memory forever - Mitch said he gave up pleasuring himself because he just looked forward to it more than the actual thing... ITS BEEN 3 YEARS!!! & Wease remembers Steve-O who is celibate when he came in studio!


Boys & Girls Club

Dwayne Mahoney & I.C. Shaw are in studio - Both work for the club & are promoting the Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony that is tonight  - If you do not know this club is for young kids who need somewhere safe and fun to go after school, or during free time & it's only $1 a month for children - Denzel Washington is a huge spokesperson for this club as he started there as a kid & still helps out - I.C. says the most amazing thing he has seen is the reading program within this club because it's amazing how few city students do no know how to read.... Every September they close the club to do a few repairs & get everything reorganized! During that time they also go to schools & recruit students for the club & the sports teams within the club