Freakin Friday Finally!!!!!!!!!!

Jackienutt here, Billy is still on that lovely 5 day weekend of his! Well at least it's finally Friday & we all (well most) get a 3 day weekend.. hopefully the weather keeps up! In honor of Labor Day this weekend... how about some Bonus Content of celebs representing America in the sexiest way they know how... 



Wease starts the morning talkin the same shiz... long weekend :) Wease is curious what Tools possibly does before he comes in... Tools said he's in 3 cities, Rochester, Syracuse & Albany so he is doing all that fun voice tracking before he comes in here - Pauly manned up last night & came in this morning with the hat on that Ryan hid from him.. & he is wearing socks with sandals haha


Joan Rivers 

81 year old, Joan Rivers is currently in the hospital She stopped breathing so they rushed her to a hospital where she went in cardiac arrest - Melissa said she is doing fine.. but Access Hollywood said she's in a coma.... very different takes on her current being! Tools & Wease talk about how they loved Joan & everything she did especially because she was one of the first! Wease talks about this movie made called "Women Aren't Funny" which is exactly what it is.. a movie about funny men & only men, disregarding women! Johnny Carson had a "no women allowed' rule, but he had to start lightening up which is how Joan got on - Carson was supposed to take over Carson, but she took her own show instead & he banned her after that!! - Weird thing is that Joan did a show Wednesday in Manhattan making fun of herself & her "face melting" 



Airplane Legroom Wars

We briefly mentioned a story yesterday about a plan that was diverted because two people got in a fight over the legroom in their seats.... Well if happened again!!!!!!!! There is this invention called the "Knee Defender" that you wear on airplanes and it stops the person in front of you from reclining their seat... Wease was listening to a station out of Philadelphia yesterday & they had the guy on who invented it haha The comedian yesterday, Mitch Fatel, said that it was illegal to have those, now of course wease didnt fight him because he "didnt want to get in to it" - but they are legal, jsut certain airlines allow them and some dont & now the issue is that everyone is carrying on so they dont have to pay to check their suitcase... Tools was just on a trip & on his flight from Philly to ROC there was a "suspicious" kid with a HUGEEE backpack - it wouldnt fit overhead & he claimed they couldnt check it underneath because there's no room... yah right! So now Tools is getting even more nervous because he is 2 rows behind this guy & now Tools notices that the guy has a weird watch on... so he's basically thinking he is going to die - The flight attendant shoved the backpack overhead & Tools watched this kid the entire flight!!!!! (here's what the defenders look like, the are clipped to the outside of the tray table)



Tools with Sports

- Wease says it's going to be the best year for sports talk because when the Bills loose... the phones BLOW UP! Tools says if Bills loose to Bears next week & E.J. stinks then they will set record phone calls on the show Monday! 5 preseason games.... no touchdowns, which Tools reminds us of 2009 when they struggled hard during the preseason & brought it throughout the regular season... probably same thing this year =/ Wease is now addicted to the sports show Hardknox & a guy (he doesnt remember who) was talking about the Bills saying they "dont put a lot into it" & that pissed Wease off, how are you not going to prep!? Unless it's a tactic so everyone thinks they are even more unprepared than loosing those 5 preseason games..... But Tools nicely points out the guy was not referring to prepping for the game, but that they don't skeem during the games 


- Johnny Manziel is a backup QB & already has commercials!!!!!! He's going to do a Snickers commercial, he is going to teach an aerobics class with his title Johhny JamBoogie... here it is:


- Roger Goodell said he was wrong & was too lenient with Ray Rice He claims he felt pressured by the precedent set by the discipline of previous domestic violence cases... Goodell wanted Rice suspended for 6 games but settled for only 2. Well things are changing & Goodell has new rules for domestic violence cases... A first offense will result in a six-game suspension without pay and a second will result in banishment from the league with a right to petition for reinstatement after one year

- Wease' All-Star, Metta World Peace (Baskteball player) has changed his name again... this time it's 'A Pandas Friend' only seems fit as he is also moving & joining a Chinese League

- Sammy Watkins injured again - he injured his ribs in Pittsburgh so why he played is just plain stupid & he got hit in the same spot last night & it did not look good (also was an AWFUL throw from E.J.) - Just hopin he's good for opening game!



Marshall Fine Movie Review

-The November Man - Was huge at first but not many people high on it now... it would make more money by showing it on TV. It's made alright but it's a very generic action movie.. look up 'generic action movie' in dictionary & you'll see this one

-As Above, So Below - may see it but not looking forward to it... it's about evil beasts under the earth 

-Ghostbusters - releasing it in IMAX & Marsh is dying to take his kids to this

-The Drop - crime thriller movie, where guys own bar but its run by the mob. Very very good movie 

Guy who sold Philip Seymour Hoffman the drugs was not charged today... he wasnt trying to kill anyone, but he does have to go to rehab



Random Stories!!!

- A 12-year-old Rochester girl stabbed her 17-year-old sister multiple times in the torso (on Ave. D).. The older sister is in the hospital & the younger is charged with assault & being held

- A British guy dressed up as a ghost...went to a cemetery & would jump out & scare people making ghostly noises haha He was arrested and charged with action that causes distress or something... only has to pay a small fine but here he is: 

- 3 Swiss couple tourists were caught having an orgy in the back of a van... the funniest part is that they were fined for not wearing their seatbelts because the van was en route! 

- A Florida Judge ruled that a school district broke union rules when they fired a teacher for routinely swearing at students.. She would use profanity & constantly call them 'lazy niggers'... Apparently the School Board skipped a step and went directly to termination, & even if they allegations were true it should have been a minor offense according to the judge & heres the teacher:



Doug with News

- Cuomo still looking for new stadium spots, but fans want it to stay & just do more renovations... Luckily Terry Pegula is most likely the bidder to win the Bills ownership --> 

- Tony Stewart will return to driving this weekend --> 

- Labor Day parade is tonight --> 

- Homeless activists are going to rally today outside Monroe ... because of the parking garage closing which kicks out the homeless

- 12 year old being held for stabbing her sister --> 

- Obama suit steals his press conference on ISIS --> & 

- Google trying to build drones for packages (Amazon has also been working on it for some time)



Comedian Mitch Fatel 

He is back in studio!!! Wease says Doreen just loves Ryan Gosling, Mitch said it's his wife's one free pass!!! Well Christopher Buckner (a girl) & Timmy Sevoy got sooo horny after watching 'The Notebook' together they decided to have sex in a trailer in front of a church... Georgia police said they had sex three times after watching the movie & were charged with incest.... WAIT WHAT!!! Yah, they were brother & sister ughhh =/ & another sex story cause Mitch loves sex :) Switzerland is just finishing a one year trial for drive up sex boxes for prostitutes & watched over by police in fact! It is a lot safer for the girls & for those buying the sex.. only bad thing is the taxes are cutting into the girls extra money... But what about Sex Surrogacy, which is exactly like prostitution just with a different name... so how the hell do they get around it!? There is a Helen Hunt movie entitled "The Sessions" (that Pauly & Wease say are incredible) & she is doing sex all throughout this movie because shes a sex surrogate! Heres the trailer if ya never seen it!:



Stealing Booze from Hotel Minibar  

First thing is obvious... check in! Then request non-smoking room because you have allergies... Next refuse any help from bellman & go up by yourself... open the mini bar & fill it allllllll up!!! Now light up a cig & smoke the shiz out of ... call downstairs & say they gave you a smoking room. Then they will give you a new room, & will never be able to trace minibar incident back you.. While in the new room enjoy your free booze :)  


Random Mitch 

Mitch got distracted when Wease lifts up his arm & see's the Opie tattoo... He asks why!? Wease says its amazing Opie made it to that level & he gave Wease credit... so Wease wanted to honor him back the tattoo was a Christmas present :) .... Mitch wants his name tattooed on Wease but Wease said only if he can bang Mitch's wife... & Mitch wants to touch Doreens boob


Mitch said that when him & his wife Jessica got married she said "I will do everything in my power to make all your fantasies come true" & Mitch said he'd do the same.... her first fantasy is seeing Mitch with another women & why she likes seeing it is because it gives your partner the excitement of touching someone for the first time again!



Wease' Slime

- Jessica Alba started her own company! its The Honest Co... an eco-friendly baby product company thats worth around $1 billion right now!! 

- Pat O'Brien explains why so many celebrities aren't truly happy!  He said that "the thing about fame is that we are people who love to be love by strangers. We can't get enough... You want more, more, more. The only number you have is 'more'"

Mitch's Wife

Mitch & Jess are trying to convince Marianne to do a little couples swinging with em!!! Marianne has never had a bi experience & Jess has been doing this even before Mitch.. she dragged Mitch into it hahah! Jess thinks its fun & fine cause its a decision made by both people in the relationship & its not like cheating at all its just satisfying a fantasy :) Wease says he has never seen a guy that is this excited about a wife!!! Jess reminds Wease it is not an open marriage... its called "partner non-monogamy" they are with other people, together!!! No sex happens without the other one present & it is all agreed upon - Jess says it is not meant for everyone it is only for people/relationships that have good communication, we are all capable but not all inclined!! Mitch says its for everyone & anyone - Communication is always key... Mitch & Jess need to talk.. Mitch & the other guy need to talk... Jess & the other girl need to talk & all 4... but if Mitch & the other girl starts texting that crosses a line! & You need an equally strong couple!!!!!!!