The top 10 reasons you blow your paycheck, cant keep a dollar in your pocket & are flat out BROKEEEEEEE!


  1. You quit school - Sorry your parents were right.... on average someone with a Bachelors earns $1 million more than someone with a High School Diploma 
  2. Try to be Mr. Big Shot - friends wear Prada, co-workers drive Mercedes & your brother lives in a mansion so you try to keep up... BUT YOU CANT!!!!
  3. You're hardly working... working hard & above expectation can insight a promotion :) 
  4. You have BADDD habits - drink, smoke, fast food, lottery, etc.!
  5. You make impulse buys 
  6. You play the lottery!! - $20 play per week adds up t over $1000 a year!!! 
  7. You make minimum payments - minimum payments means more time which means more interest & in the end more money!!!
  8. Sadly,, you lack goals :(
  9. You're hangin with the wrong crowd 
  10. You LLOVEEEEEE bein a couch potato! - more here !!!