Celeb Trivia!!!!!!!!!


1. Before hosting the late show, Craig Ferguson was a regular on which sitcom?

The Drew Carey Show

2.  Which magazine was founded by John F Kennedy Jr. in 1995?


3.  What is Bob Dylans Birth Name?

Robert Zimmerman 

4.  What 1990 box-office bust was the first film to pair Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan?

Joe Versus the Volcano

5. Monica Lewinksy & Jerry Mathers have both appeared in ads for which weight-less company?

  Jenny Craig 

6. Sammy Hagar left his solo career to join Van Halen – what band did he start with?


7. The 1995 comedy “Clueless” is a loose adaptation of what 1815 Jane Austen novel?


8. Who is the only person EVER to be nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor in a Leading Role & Best Original Screenplay, all for the same film?

Orson Welles

9. What African country’s civil war is the setting for the 2006 film “Blood Diamond”

Sierra Leone

10. Which SNL comedian was fired from their part-time job at a movie theater for ruing the ending of Titanic for a bunch of sorority girls?

 Bill Hader

11. What 1986 movie used the famous tagline, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

The Fly

12.  According to billboard charts, the best live album of all time is:

 Frampton Comes Alive

13. Mr. T’s catchphrase “I Pity the Fool,” comes from 1982 film in which he played James “Clubber” Lang?

 Rocky III

14. Who is the Eggman?

John Lennon

15. “Don’t Be Shy” & “If You Want to Sing Out, Sign Out” were two songs composed by Cat Stevens for 1971 classic

Harold & Maude

16. Which reality TV couple has been married the longest?

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar

17.   What celebrity supermodel appeared on the cover of “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue in 1970-1975?

Cheryl Tiegs

18.   On March 8th 1971 at Madison Square Garden, boxer Joe Frazier handed Muhammad Ali his first pro-career loss in a fight dubbed…

Fight of the Century

19.   What was the first record to sell a million copies?

Chattanooga Choo-Choo - Glen Miller Orchestra

20.   What group did Rush open for during a 1975 summer tour?


21. What was Michael Jacksons pet monkey called?


22. What is the highest ever grossing film?


23. Which actor/actress has won the most Oscars?

Katherine Hepburn

24. In Goodfellas, What is Henry Hill’s job as a teen that gets him involved in the mob?

 Parking Cars

25..  to get an acting job?!!

George Clooney

26. What musician improvised a guitar arrangement of “The Star Spangle Banner” at the 1969 Woodstock Fest?

 Jimi Hendrix

27. Which famous actor has played a pilot in four movies?!

Mel Gibson