Redditor logs everytime he attempted to intitiate sex and lists reasons his wife said no

A few days ago, a 26-year-old woman posted a screenshot on the website  It was a spreadsheet that her 26-year-old husband had sent her before leaving on a business trip.

Apparently she'd been turning him down for sex A LOT . . . so he started keeping track of her excuses.


Between June 3rd and July 16th, they had sex three times . . . and she turned him down 25 TIMES.  She used almost every stereotypical excuse you can think of:  "I'm tired" . . .  "I might be getting sick" . . . "I have to wake up early."  So it SEEMS amusing.


But a few come off especially bitter, like her saying, quote, "I'm watching a show" when it was just an old episode of "Friends".  Or saying, quote, "I just came back from the gym, I feel gross" . . . then not showering until the next day.


She says he cut off contact after he emailed it to her.  Then she deleted her Reddit account when it went viral.