Have you ever thought about applying for a job with an exciting-sounding job title.. then realized it was just a way to make a regular, boring job sound fancier?

A new poll asked people to name the most ridiculous job titles they'd heard people use for less glamorous positions.  Here are the 10 best:

1.  A paperboy is a "Media Distribution Officer".

2.  A street sweeper is a "Highway Environmental Hygienist".

3.  A window washer is a "Transparency Enhancement Facilitator".

4.  A recruiter is a "Talent Delivery Specialist".

5.  A garbage man is a "Sanitation Engineer".

6.  A toilet cleaner is a "Public Waste Technician".

7.  A food truck worker is a "Mobile Sustenance Facilitator".

8.  A call center worker is a "Communication Executive".

9.  A dishwasher is "Gastronomical Hygiene Engineer".

10. A painter is a "Color Distribution Technician".