Quite frankly, as someone who lived a period of his time in Europe, I can tell you that we're a prude country.  Yes, we put half naked people on the covers of magazines which makes us not quite as prude as some countries where women aren't even allowed to go out in public without a burqa.. but we also tend to treat nudity like it's worse than violence and that just seems wrong to me.  You can see a guy get his head blown off on network TV in this country but you'd never see a pair of naked female breasts.  That seems backwords.  Anyway.. that's why I posted this article.

In fairness to HuffPo (who published the original article).. I'll supply the list for you but if you'd like the in depth description on each of the 8 you will need to CLICK HERE for the full original article.

1. Our health care system tends to ignore sexual health.

2. We have sub-par sexual education.

3. We spend a whole lot of money pushing the idea that being "good" depends on abstaining from sex before marriage.

4. Certain vocal, powerful groups insist that it's between one woman and one man.

5. We have a schizophrenic relationship with porn.

6. We don't know how to do it very well.

7. We pretend it doesn't exist.

8. We hate it.