Here are 9 apps that will make your life so much easier:

1: Calm - Sometimes we forget how to stop and breathe. Calm is a meditation app that helps you scoop out time just to be still. It accompanies your zen sessions with beautiful photographs and soothing music, for maximum namaste time.

2: 30/30 - Here's the 30/30 rule: For any task you want to accomplish, focus on it intently for 30 minutes, and then take a 30-minute break. This app is a dressed-up version of a timer, helping you to organize your tasks and stay on track.

3: Cal - If you rely heavily on your smartphone, your calendar is probably chock-full of items. Cal is an aesthetically pleasing calendar with integrated functions that tie in your contacts and social media accounts.

4 - Solar - The weather isn't always beautiful, but this app is. Solar has a simple yet visually appealing interface that tells you the forecast for the day.

5 - iRecycle - If you want to step up your recycling game, check out this app. After typing in your location, it shows you where to go to recycle nearly anything — from old devices such as batteries and phones, to everyday items such as plastic cups. You can also connect to your social networks and show everyone just how green you are.

6 - Instasize - This is an Instagram user's best friend. InstaSize allows you to resize photos and add customizable borders. It also has its own filters, making it a one-stop shop for simple photo editing.

7 - Romantimatic - Romance — there's an app for that. Romantimatic reminds you to say nice things to your significant other when you're swamped up in your own busy life. You can pick from a plethora of automated messages (including the "all-time classics" section: "I love you," "I miss you" and "You make me happy"), then just set it and forget it.

8 - RedLaser - RedLaser is a bargain-hunting app. Use it to scan barcodes on items while shopping, and it'll pull up price comparisons from other stores. You'll be able to see what that same product costs elsewhere, making for quick and practical shopping.


9 - Pocket - Ever lose track of all the interesting articles you want to read in a day? Try Pocket, an organizational tool that allows you to save links and read them later, even if you're not connected to Wi-Fi. It also syncs with all of your devices, so you've got your reading list with you everywhere you go.