Love it..

Finally, a toy company has decided to make a doll intended to be a normal version of Barbie.  She's just a normal girl.  Because normal is beautiful.

CLICK HERE for pics and the full story about "normal Barbie"

A quick side note from me - Normal women are beautiful.  My whole life I've thought that.. I really have.  I don't have particularly high self esteem and I've always kinda sorta thought that my eye for beauty was one of my few great traits.  I see beauty in everything.  Beauty and love is EVERYWHERE.  It's in the cities we live in, the people we're friends with, old people, children, water, nature, architecture.. EVERYWHERE.  When it comes to women, I've always thought that a "normal" woman was the most beautiful type of woman.  A woman who has altered her appearance with the various methods available to do so has just made me sad. 

I dunno.. maybe that was a little deep.  But it was 5:48am when I started writing it and I have a meeting at 5:50am so I needed to kill 2 minutes.  I hope it made a difference :)