Behind every good man there’s a good woman.

Or two, in the case of soccer star Mohammed Anas.

At least according to Anas himself who may have had his eye on the ball after scoring both of his team’s goals in his Free State Stars’ 2-2 draw with Ajax Cape Town this past Friday, but really dropped the ball afterwards.

That’s because during the postgame interview, the Stars striker thanked two women for his success—his wife and his girlfriend!

Immediately after the misstep, Anas tried to correct himself, quickly adding “I mean my wife.”

But, considering his face had turned as red as any card he’d ever been shown at that point—one has to wonder if he meant his wife is like his girlfriend and they are the same person.

Because let’s face it, if they aren’t the same person—his wife sure isn’t going to like his girlfriend.

One way to find out for sure, if Anas shows up om the injury report before the next game with an injured groin—something tells me it’s two people.