Since we're all swimming in extra cash over the holidays, here's a quick guide on holiday tipping.. who you're supposed to tip, and how much:

1.  Mailmen.  They can accept gifts worth up to $20, but not cash or gift cards.  UPS and FedEx workers CAN accept cash.  And paperboys should get 10 to 20 dollars, or a small gift.  Paperboys are people who deliver something called a "newspaper."

2.  Doormen.  At least $20, and up to $100.  A handyman should get between $20 and $50 if they helped you out a lot, and a super should get cash or a gift card worth $50.

3.  Day care workers.  Cash is best.  Think about pitching in with other parents and giving each worker between $100 and $300.

4.  Teachers.  A small gift, or something for the classroom.

5.  Babysitters.  Between one day and one week's worth of pay.  The same goes for people like hairstylists, housekeepers, gardeners, and personal trainers.

6.  Garage Attendants.  Cash, or a gift worth between $10 and $50.

7.  Garbage Men.  Around $20, or a $20 gift.  If you give cash, make sure they're allowed to accept it.  You don't need to tip anyone who works on salary, or anyone who owns a business.

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