It's really unbelievable.. this chick from Virginia says that she was booted out of her prom because the adult chaperones said her dress was causing boys to have "impure thoughts".

For the record, the ONLY rule for girls dresses was that they must not be any shorter than fingertip length.  As you can see here.. she passes that test:

(photo courtesy of Twitter)

A couple of side notes.. it was a prom for kids who are home schooled.. so you have to remember that the boys at this dance aren't used to seeing girls everyday.  That's just my opinion.  Another one of my opinions is that parents of home schooled kids tend to be (again.. just my opinion.. don't hate me) a little bit more protective.. so that could be something too.

One final side note.. there may be a racial factor here.  I saw online in this story where I first heard about this that her date was an African American kid.  Some people are calling foul on that.  Who knows though.. I don't want to allege something like that.

Another picture of the poor girl who was kicked out of her prom:

(photo courtesy of Twitter)