I have had a tough week :(

Honestly, I feel like my life is falling apart.

Everything just feels so fragile.

So what's different?  Ryann is gone!!  Ryann has been in California for the last week with her sister and grandmother.  She comes home tomorrow THANK GOD.

I swear.. I used to live alone and I thought I did just fine but this last week has been tough.  

Anyway, Ryann's sister sent me a couple of pictures from yesterday.  One of them will go down as my favorite picture of her EVER.  First, my Ryann looking like the stunning beauty that she is:

And now.. what will forever be my favorite picture of her:

HAHAHAHAHA.  I'm not sure how her sister managed to snap that one but it's precious.  That's the face I see when I piss her off and feel her wrath hahahaha.