Ryann and I had a 3 day weekend.. and for the most part had a beautiful and productive weekend.  We did laundry, cleaned the apartment, and even did a whole bunch of yard work and made our back yard look beautiful.  Most of that was done before even Saturday night!!  Saturday night, Ryann and I headed to one of our favorite festivals of the summer.. The Fairport Music Festival.  Here's a pic of us from the weekend:

I'm such a lucky guy right?  Ryann is so beautiful.  We snapped this picture of Fairport on our way out of Fairport Music Fest Saturday night.. it looks almost equally beautiful:

Sunday was relaxing.. really a great day.. exactly what we needed going into what was supposed to be a busy day Monday (Darien Lake).  We woke up yesterday and it was pouring rain.  But I told Ryann that actually.. it might be the best thing EVER!!  Not only is it a Monday.. but a rainy Monday might make for a great Darien Lake visits as we might have the park to ourselves.  We even checked the weather and it appeared to be clear (note the 0% precipitation):

Well, they forgot the 1 and the 0 before that 0.. because it turned out there was a 100% chance of precipitation which SUCKED!!  We rode exactly 2 rides before having to turn around and come back.  Ugh.  So frustrating.  Here's a picture I took just before we sprinted for our car:

The funny this is that AFTER the Darien Lake debacle.. we had another mini crisis last night.  I went out to switch Ryann and my cars from one side of the street to the other (we have alternate street parking).  Well I went out to make the switch at 6.. I came back in at 7:30!?  How's that possible?  To sum things up.. her car died and had almost no gas in it at the time that it died.  Factor in going to buy jumper cables and going to buy gas and you've got 90 hectic minutes on your hands.