What a great weekend I had :)

Saturday = RELAX.  I got to just lay around and do NOTHING which I love until nighttime when Ryann and I headed downtown to The Jazz Festival and met up with Ryann's mom and her boyfriend for a great fun night!!  Here's a great pic of my Ryann with her mom:

From one Rochester staple to another.. we left Jazz Fest and headed straight to Fairport Hots for a garbage plate.  Hungry and drunk.. I decided to order a "chef's choice" plate.. which is basically just anything the chef feels like throwing in there.  It turned out to be home fries, meat sauce, hot sauce, burgers, meat sauce, and more hot sauce.  It was DEELISH for about 5 minutes and then it was just too hott lol.  Look how beautiful it looks now tho:

It was off to bed.. and up early the next mornin' for a lil Sunday sauce makin' #sauceselfie:

Then, I went to The Rochester Rattlers game:

..and then Ryann and I had a beautiful date aboard The Colonial Belle.  We took a 3 hour dinner cruise of The Erie Canal:

The last night.. straight to my friend Billy's (from The Wease Show) house for WWE's Money In The Bank.  The great capper to a fantastic weekend.

Billy and I actually did a podcast about Money In The Bank.  A little recap.. you can CLICK HERE to listen to that.