Promposals are a thing now.  When I was in high school.. a guy had to get up the balls to ask a girl to prom.  Nowadays.. it's on a whole notha level.  These kids go all out when they ask someone to the prom.

My girlfriend's little brother promposed last year to his girlfriend by having me put him on the radio so that he could ask her.

This year.. because it's HER prom (she's a junior and he's a senior).. she apparently has to ask him.  I sorta disagree with that.. I think that men should have to ask women.  That's where I think we have it tough guys.. but let's never forget that THEY have to squeeze a human out of their private parts at some point in their lives so maybe we can suck it up and ask a question from time to time?

Anyway.. she asked him (he plays baseball) in this adorable/creative way: