So here's a question we were tossing around in the studio today off the air.  Is a chain a chain if we're talking about it's original location?

For example.  The first McDonald's was in San Bernadino, California.  So in San Bernardino is McDonald's a chain or is it just a local burger joint?

At the first Starbucks location in Seattle.. is it a chain or is it a local coffee shop?

How about here in Rochester?  Is Wegmans a chain or a locally owned grocery store?

My thoughts are that a chain is NOT a chain in its original location and Wegmans is the perfect example.  Going to Wegmans in Pennsylvania or in Massachusetts may be like going to a chain but here it is locally owned and operated.  So if the first Wendy's happened to be in my hometown.. I'd feel like I was supporting a local business by going there.  I dunno.. just my opinion.

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