This comes courtesy of a post I saw made by my boy Grooves on Facebook (check out his Facebook page here).. these should be the rules for creating a flyer for a club night:

"Club flyers amuse me. Some things I never understood:

1.) Why do people put pictures of themselves deejaying on flyers? Have you ever attended an event because someone looked particularly skilled at mixing records in a still photo? Or maybe it was the bedazzled headphones....

2.) Why are there always pictures of half naked girls, who aren't going to be at said event. Isn't the idea to attract girls to your party? How does a stolen pic of a model you found via a Google image search accomplish this? General rule of thumb: the hotter the girl in the photo is, the more unattractive the crowd is going to be.

3.) Why do you tell people that the party goes till 2am? I assume that the party ends in accordance with local liquor laws. And while we're talking about the length of the party, who cares what time the doors open? I have yet to see anyone actually showing up when the doors open. Just take the closing time of the establishment and subtract two hours. Unless you are giving out free booze, that is when people will arrive.

4.) Lastly, while we're on the subject of stating the obvious, what's the point of saying "21+ with proper ID." The legal drinking age is pretty standard these days, no? I will be impressed when someone puts "21+ unless you are hot and can talk your way past our bouncer" on the flyer."


*Side Note - I owe Grooves for my job here in Rochester, NY.. he's the one who officially recommended me.  I owe him the world!!