Bundchen attends the Costume Institute Gala for the It pays to be pretty. Duh, right? 

It's not like we haven't known that since we were 10-years-old.  Even then, we knew the people who had better looks than us got treated better.

Trust me, I know because I was an overweight kid with red hair who wore black horn rimmed glasses growing up in Canandaigua.  Kind of a younger version of Ronald McDonald! Girls really dug that look.

I'm having this flashback after looking at Forbes list of the highest paid models in the last year.  And the winner (not surprisingly) is Giselle Bundchen, who added $47 million to her clutch, or Louie, or Michael Koors bag, or whatever high priced bag she carries her loot in. I'm sure she has a nice collection of bags to carry her jewelry she's wearing above. 

If that makes you spit up your latte, just for perspective, here's what some other high profile models made for lookin' pretty:

Kate Moss  $ 8 million

Kate Upton $ 8 million

Yes, those 2 beauties made approximately $39 million less than Giselle.  And let's remember that she is married to pretty boy football quarterback Tom Brady, who makes about $20 million for playing a game. Nice to see a woman who is carrying her man.  I'm sure he won't complain after coming home to the supermodel tonight.  

Just another reason for Buffalo Bills fans to hate Brady. 

(picture/Getty Images)