We all know about Camp Good Days & Special Times.  It's a place that provides an escape for kids and families fighting cancer.  Now Camp Good Days is in a battle of its own, and it is time to step up and help.

The wonderful Camp on W. Lake Rd. in Branchport has been hit hard by the heavy rain and storms this week.  Heavy damage is making things very difficult just as Gary Mervis and his hard working crew get ready to open for the season for campers.

Some camps have already been postponed because of this deluge of rain.  New York State is pledging to help financially, which means our tax money will be put to good use.  So thank you for paying your taxes and already helping the Camp.

But work needs to get done now to open for summer camp season.  Here's a great idea which can also be a superb learning lesson for all: volunteer Monday to help clean and restore Camp Good Days!

Just think if teachers and school districts sent their kids to Camp Good Days on Mon. to help with the massive cleanup.  Wouldn't that possibly be the best thing those kids will learn this year: help others who are not as fortunate as them?

Let's extend that to local companies, big or small.  How about giving your workers time Mon. away from the workplace, and organize the troops to head to Branchport and join the team there?  And local contractors and construction workers can lend their expertise to the rebuilding efforts.

What would be more valuable to your company and your workers day than helping families who will appreciate the gesture more than you ever know this summer?

Good idea?  Contact Camp Good Days for more info at 585.624.5555 or on line at www.campgooddays.org.  They are setting up times for volunteers to join. The Camp is currently underwater so they will keep you updated on the progress and how your team can volunteer.  I've done many fundraisers for Camp Good Days over the years, and trust me when I say: YOU will get much more out of this experience than even the kids who you will be helping.

Let's work together and truly make it a Special Time for Camp Good Days when they need it most!