(Matt Sayles/Invision for Staples/AP Images)

Katy Perry has a lot to smile about.  The superstar who belts out her current hit "Birthday" has conquered many worlds.  She's one of the biggest music stars on the planet.  She has millions of followers on social media.  She's dated big stars, although ex-hubby Russell Brand and ex-flame John Mayer might not be the wisest picks.  But, hey, we all make odd choices and a girls gotta learn along the way.

Now Katy is venturing into the world of being a music executive.  She announced on Wednesday that she has formed her own record label!  Katy's own label is named Metamorphosis Music.  Congrats to her.  Now the babysitting of spoiled, pampered pop and rock stars begins for her.

Katy's first signing is an artist named Ferras, a guy she met when they were both working for Capitol Records in 2007.  Although he's not a household name like his new boss Katy, you may know some of his music.  His tune "Hollywood's Not America" was used as the exit song when artists were kicked off "American Idol" during season 7.

To help launch her pet project, Ferras is opening for her on tour Sunday (6/22) in Raleigh NC.  And Katy is Executive Producer of his new project 'Legends Never Die', which she also contributes vocals to.  So, if you're a gambler, you may want to put a wager on Ferras' career.  With Katy Perry in charge, odds are good that he's ready to take off.

Hope you have as good a wknd. as Katy Perry!

(photo/Matt Sayles/AP)