Baseball is a great game.  I played it growing up and love the game.  I am a Public Address announcer for the Rochester Red Wings. I love the job and the atmosphere at Frontier Field.  But we have to admit the game can be a bit slow at times.

One of those times must have been April 13th when the fan above Andrew Rector fell asleep at a Yankees game in the Bronx.  Unfortunately for him, it was caught on camera and seen by millions on ESPN.

Now Mr. Rector is suing ESPN and the announcers on the broadcast Dan Shulman and John Kruk.  Mr. Rector alleges their "avalanche of disparaging words", like "fatty" and "stupid" caused him "substantial injury to....character and reputation".

Rector, who will now be more famous than ever, wants $10 million for his naptime.  That's expensive sleep. Think about that next time you hit a Red Wings game at Frontier Field.

I'm thinking Andrew Rector is just lucky that a foul ball didn't find him like the camera did while he slumbered.  That would have been a real rude awakening!