The United States Surgeon General Tuesday released shocking news.  Skin cancer is killing more Americans than any other kind of cancer.

Deaths from skin cancer (melanoma) have risen 200% since 1973.  Sunbathing and tanning beds are part of the problem, and so is a lack of understanding of how powerful the sun is on your body.

5 million Americans are treated for skin cancer each year.  The timing of the release of this report is ironic as this Friday there is a way to join in the fight against skin cancer locally. 

The Rochester Melanoma Action Group is hosting a fundraiser Friday at Webster Park, a race called Out Run the Sun.  This group was founded by my friend Terry Dearcop after losing her dad to melanoma 6 years ago.  Terry's goal is to educate us about the dangers from melanoma and to raise funds for research into this deadly disease.

Please join me in supporting Terry's cause Fri. at Webster Park. Learn more at