Much has been made of a video where a Webster man named Ryan Conklin claims that Monroe Co. Sheriffs deputies harassed him on July 4th at 2am at Henrietta Hots.  His version: cops are mean, and he is an innocent bystander.  Make your own decision by watching the real, unedited version of what happened here.

Unfortunately, like many security video systems at businesses, there is no audio. It would be nice to hear what Mr. Conklin is asking the officers, who seem to be minding their business, until he makes it his business.  On the TV news Wednesday, Mr. Conklin claimed that he only spoke to the cops for "five seconds" before being arrested.  Watch the clock on the video to see if the actual time matched his account.

By the way, isn't it great when a guy goes after the cops who are working on a holiday to protect us....on America's birthday?  WATCH BELOW

(special thanks to Bob Lonsberry from NewsRadio WHAM 1180 for sharing)