Shirley Jeffries

We have all had to eat a dinner lovingly made by our mother even though it wasn't something that we would want for supper.  Well, things got a little extreme in the Jeffries home in Macedon this week.

Macedon Police report that 71-year-old Shirley Jeffries (pictured) made what we hope was a delicious meal for her 43-year-old son Warren, who happened to be still living at home with mom. Apparently he didn't think the dinner menu was that great.

An argument ensued, and Warren went off to his bedroom.  Mom Shirley, not pleased with his dining behavior, allegedly walked into Warren's room with a handgun.  I'm guessing she wanted to talk things out at gunpoint.

Son Warren wrestled the gun from dear ol' ma, and holed up in his room.  When our underpaid cops showed up, Warren was in his room with a shotgun and an assault rifle.  Apparently he was ready in case mom wanted to cook, clean or talk in his sanctuary.

Warren was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and failure to register the assault weapon.

Shirley was also arrested and charged with menacing. Hope they didn't put the two of them in the same cell.  That would create quite a pickle for the jail chef when it came to dinner time.  After all, what do you serve to a guy who doesn't even like his mother's home cooking?

The Jeffries clan will return to Wayne Co. court soon.  I'm sure it will be quite the emotional family reunion.  Pass the potato salad.

(photo/Wayne Co. Sheriffs Dept.)