... And We're Off 

The 24 Hour Christmahannakwanzikka Spectacular is off and running with a loooonnnnggg day and night, and we're raising money for the HUGS Foundation and Wease Cares.

We're joined in studio by Jim from CGI Communications, our first sponsor of the day, who tells us about his business, and gives a nice little donation to out fundraising.

Wease also talks about the new controversy surrounding the hit TV show Duck Dynasty, which Jim has to explain to us because none of us have seen the show.... Just by coincidence, Pauly is wearing a Duck Dynasty Xmas shirt he bought yesterday, before finding out about this story.

A&E suspended "Duck Dynasty's" PHIL ROBERTSON indefinitely, after a crazy interview where he equated gay people with "drunks and terrorists" . . . and insisted that he believes black people were happy BEFORE the Civil Rights movement, a time he refers to as, quote, "pre-entitlement."

Speaking of Xmas shirts, here is Wease's...

Tools With Sports

The big news is that Bills QB EJ Manuel won't be playing this weekend because he tweaked his knee, but he will be playing in 2 weeks.  What if Thad Lewis has the best game ever?  Should the Bills still not draft a QB this year?  We talk about all the QBs that Buffalo has had since Jim Kelly's retirement.

Tools also winds up pissed and arguing with a caller that's a Giant's fan, and thinks they should bench Eli Manning, and start Curtis Painter instead.

Marshall Fine Film Reviews

Anchorman 2... Will Ferrell is back as Ron Burgandy, and might be the most promoted flick ever.  If you don't know about it, you don't want to.  Marshall liked the first one, but didn't find this one funny at all.

American Hustle... Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams... Brilliant con man Irving Rosenfeld, along with his equally cunning and seductive British partner Sydney Prosser, is forced to work for a wild FBI agent named Richie DiMaso. DiMaso pushes them into a world of Jersey power-brokers and mafia that's as dangerous as it is enchanting. Carmine Polito is the passionate, volatile, New Jersey political operator caught between the con-artists and Feds. Irving’s unpredictable wife Rosalyn could be the one to pull the thread that brings the entire world crashing down.  Marsh, and most other critics, call this one of the best movies of the year.

Dr. Q

Dr. Quatela is in studio to talk about the HUGS foundation, and the great work they do helping children with physical deformaties.  Amazing people.

Fiddling Around/Doug With News

This hour of the show is brought the Bodymind Float Center, who's owner David Brickman joins us in studio.  He is also a violinist for the RPO.  Marianne brought her fiddle, so she and David dueted on "Silent Night".

- Jay Street Homocide

- Building Demolished After Suspicious Fire

- Child Trapped In Snowbank

- Xerox Moving Jobs From China To Canadaigua

Hep!  We Need Somebody!  Hep!

We're joined by John Krueger from Hep Sales... he and Kenny from Quality Homes will be matching donations to our fundraising for the next couple hours, so call in and donate some money.

We talk to Dr. Kahn in Viet Nam about the work they do helping kids, and also chat with Miami Florida's top morning show, Paul and Young Ron, who want to bet us in this weekend's Bills/Dolphins game.  The only problem is that we think the Dolphins are going to win too (and sort of want them to).

Wine Counterfeitters

Wease and Doreen argue about a bunch of stuff, and the most recent regards how Wease like to occasionally turn up the heat in the house, and Doreen thinks having a heater on in the bedroom makes the rest of the house colder.

Street Willie is here. and brings in an article about a wine counterfeiter busted in a 1.3 million dollar scandal.

Quality Homes, Quality People

Kenny McClure from Quality Homes Of Rochester is here, and like John Krueger is matching any donations from this hour.  One of the people donating is Joe "The King" Comfort, who recently did a funny "man on the street" interview with a Chicago newspaper where he brags about all aspects of his life (and even claimed to be a former NFL palyer).  Read it HERE.

Jim Kelly

Legendary Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelly calls in to wish Wease a Merry Christmas and support our charity fundraising.  Wease and Jim talk about this week's injury benching of EJ Manuel, and how Jim supports EJ, but Wease wants the team to draft Johnny Football.  Kelly talks about how frustrated his family is at the lack of post season football... 18 year old daughter has never seen a playoff game.

We also get outstanding donations thanks to Brian from Landlord Outlet, Tony D., and Dairy Queen...


Religion And Homosexuality

We're joined in studio by a listener named Jamie who gives us a donation, but also has an interesting story about being a Jehova's Witness that was excommunicated from the church for being gay.  He and Wesae have a discussion about Jesus, and Marianne gives Wease a Christmas present of Jesus socks.

We made a mistake this morning... we should've taking a crew picture at 6am to compare to a picture at 6am tomorrow.  Here we are at 11:30am

A Bunch Of Guests

Highlights from this segment include calls from Sabres coach Ted Nolan and Wease's wacky brother-in-law Nutman... the only guy that needed a reminder 2 days in advance to call.  We also talk to Juan from "Juan and Maria's Empinada Stand" in the Public Market, who has brought up some of their delish chow to keep us from wasting away to nothing.

If you want to donate to HUGS and/or Wease Cares, and want to hear a favorite song a $100 donation will get that on the air for you.  Right now we're playing the Allman Brothers version of "Into The Mystic" 

We also talk to lawyer Jim Harrison of Harrison Law Office, who is a big time lawyer in town, and has given us a nice donation, despite Wease making fun of his "big shnozz".

A caller also calls to "Ask Wease" how he should handle his 8th grade son being bullied.  Wease recommends talking to the kid to see where he is mentally, and if school officials should get involved, or if legal action should be taken.

Marianne found out terrible news during the break - Both her & "Watch You Talkin About" Willis do directors commentary for shows/movies - they sold their behind the scenes tapes to different companies & Netflix stole the idea completely!!! The conversation quickly changes to our Willie & Wease mother huckering him; drinking issues, 24 hour show last year & how he fell asleep on the garbage!!

Rachel Barnhart, "the best news tweeter!" calls in to say hi! Wease starts off by letting her know she looked quite sexy in a picture (low cut) when she was at her christmas party! Then she tells us some up-to-date news: 

- 2 found dead shot in a basement near the Public Market

- Video of Knockout Game circulating here, Police confirm is not a part of the random attacks but an ongoing conflict between 2 individuals 

- Credit cards compromised from Target with millions of dollars stolen! one person had $850,000 taken; multiple charges to Africa.... If it happened to you call Rachel she would love an interview!

- She reflects on a crazy (older) story where a man took a fake cat stuffed with hamburger meat & brought them to crematories to see what he would get back... & in all but one they were actual cat remains =/

Bath Fitter - "Splish Splash I was Takin A Bath!" sponsors the 1:00 hour!

CJ Spiller, Buffalo Bills Player calls in & Marianne immediately muthahuckers him by googling his stats & pretending she knew haha! Spiller says he ready for the game Sunday against his home state, Florida! & Billy says he's going to play him in Fantasy this week

Doug Miller & Josh Rife from the Lancers!! Willie starts it out by saying "your the male version of Abbey Wambach! hahahah" Marianne reflects back on her soccer years & the boys teach Willie how amazing indoor soccer is compared to normal soccer !!

Susan Tedeschi

Susan Tedeschi, Wease's favorite chick in the whole world calls in to say hi and they talk about the music business, touring, money, and how much they love each other.  This is Wease's very fave right now...


Thank you to the folks from Fairport Music Festival and the people from Tracey Door for the generous donations.

Don Alhart

There are two local broadcast legends in Rochester... one of them is Wease, and the other is WHAM 13's Don Alhart.  Don calls and he and Wease talk about local news, charity, and vacations in Aruba.  Thanks Don.


The Drinking Has Started

The wine and tequila has been opened, but Wease isn't quite ready for drinking yet, but that's not stopping other folks.  Marianne even gave Wease another present for later... a wine glass that will hold a whole bottle.

Wease also talks about some of the cosmetic procedures you can get done at The Lindsey House from Dr. Quatela and his staff... noses, boobs, and can even recommend a good vagina guy.  Wease may need a ball tuck to get rid of his "old man balls".

Great News

We're only half way thru the 24 hours, and we've already broken our previous record of $28,000... we're already up to $31,000.  Many callers have called with requests, comments, compliments, donations, and more and we're talking to as many people as we can.

...and Billy is in his tux, ready to get married....

I'm Back

Sorry the Rundown has been neglected for the past couple hours... I was a little busy as I was getting ready to get married, then I got married, then I spent some time with my friends and family after getting married.  Now I'm back.  While I was gone we had fine sponsors like The Center For Cosmetic Dentistry, and important people in our lives like Doreen Levin and Elvio Fernandes.  Thank you Jackie Nutt for taking this video...