The Wease Show is OFF for the holidays.. our first LIVE show back will be Thursday, January 2nd 2014.

Here's what the crew has been up to:

-Brother Wease and family are in St. Kitt's enjoying tropical weather.  Lucky bastards.  Click here to see a photo gallery of Wease's family's Christmas morning.

-Marianne - Marianne spent her first holiday back home in Rochester in 8 years!!  While she has lived away she hasn't always been able to make it back so it was very nice for her to spend time with family over the holidays.  She also got to spend her first Christmas with boyfriend Robbie :)

-Pauly - Pauly's family is all back in Ohio and his girlfriend Ryann's family is all here in Rochester so Pauly & Ryann have to do the old 'every other holiday' rotation.  This Christmas was spent right here in Rochester (Fairport to be exact) with Ryann's family.  Click here to see a photo gallery of Pauly's Christmas.

-Billy - Billy is on the ultimate staycation because it is both a vacation and a honeymoon!!  Billy & Susan are spending the holidays right here in Rochester just enjoying being married (in case you live under a rock.. they were wed by Pastor Wease during The 24 Hour Show)

-Jackie Nutt - Nutt is 19.. so she still basically has it kind of easy.. Woke up at her parents like a little kid then traveled to Buffalo to see her family & then to back to Rochester to visit her boyfriend, Robs family! Super busy day, but lots of presents! Heres a picture of Nutt & Rob..

& Heres some of Nutt's family, from left to right - cousin Jim, cousin Jeremy, Nutt, her brother Ryan & her cousin Jeffrey