Monday, Monday

Wease is celebrating his anniversary with Doreen in Aruba, so John Ditullio is sitting in with us.

Pauly, Marianne, and Jackie Nutt all had a ball at the VerHulst Haunted Hayride this weekend... Pauly scaring people, and the girls riding the wagon.  Marianne wound up comforting a couple scared 12 year old girls.

Tools With Sports

The Bills lost a heartbreaker to the Bengals in OT 27-24, but it didn't break everyone's heart... Wease and Pauly had Cincinatti in their Last Man Standing pool.

Bills QB Thad Lewis hurt his foot, and is wearing a boot.  Lewis says he'll be fine for next week, but we're doubtful.  The Bills are reportedly bringing in former Packer/Raider Matt Flynn to workout.

In the MLB playoffs, the Boston Red Sox made an unbelievable comeback in Game 2 of their ALCS Playoff.  David Ortiz hit an 8th inning grand slam, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia had a walkoff RBI

Weekend Stuff

Billy went to Buffalo on Saturday night to see Pearl Jam in concert.  Go HERE for some thoughts, setlist, and video.  A GREAT rock and roll show from a band that last past the grunge era and wears it's influences on it's sleeve.  If you like Springsteen, The Who, Neil Young, and Led Zep check out Eddie Vedder and his band.  How do guys sell tshirts outside the venue for $10, when they are $40 inside?$(KGrHqV,!qEFItjiMK7yBSMmjVL7cQ~~60_35.JPG

Pauly is living with a celebrity.  "Good Morning America" asked for pet owners to tweet them pics of their animals in Halloween costumes.  Ryann sent GMA a picture of Walter in his skeleton costume, and they featured it on the show...

Awwww.  Click HERE for the video.

Marianne went to watch her 6 year old nephew play soccer, and while cheering him on the boy yelled back to her "Aunt Marianne, why don't you get married".  She was embarrassed, but not enough to yell back "because i'm not emotionally prepared for the comittment".  This leads to a discussion of relationships, and when you know you're rready for marriage.

Bonus Content... The Best Of Life Hacks

Native American Controversy

It's Columbus Day, and leads to a discussion of this controversial tshirt, and Native Americans in the USA.

 If Native Americans control there own legal systems on reservations can they deem murder ok on their land?

We also discuss the controversy regarding the name of Washington's football team, the Redskins.  Bob Costas had some thoughts on it last night.

Todd Halliday News

Todd still filling in for Shari Smith, filling in for Doug Emblidge.

- Greece Family Wins 10K On TV Show

- Shutdown Entering 3rd Week

- Sunday Violence In Rochester

- Columbus Day Closings

Redskin Controversy Continued

We discuss a topic we touched on earlier... the controveresy surrounding the team name of the Washinton Redskins.  We play Bob Costas' thoughts, and also the teams theme "Hail To The Redskins".

Unicorns, Show Ponies, Where's The Beef!!!

The Patriots beat the Saints 30-27 on Sunday night, and the game was capped off by a wild last-minute drive ending in a touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Kenbrell Thompkins with five seconds remaining.

The radio call of the touchdown, from Bob Socci and Scott Zolak 98.5 The Sports Hub, is one for the ages.

We don't know what it means, but we like it.

Men Vs. Women

Men and women are more EQUAL now than at any other point in history.  But that STILL doesn't make it even 1% hot when men try to talk like a SEXY BABY.


Yesterday, there was a discussion on about things that are CUTE when women do them . . . but CREEPY when men do them.  Here are the top eight . . .


1.  Asking if anyone wants to go to the bathroom with them.


2.  Saying a kid is going to grow up to be hot.  If a woman says a little boy is going to grow up to be hot, it's cool . . . if a man says a little girl is going to grow up to be hot, it is most definitely NOT COOL.


3.  Whispering, "I'm not wearing any underwear" into someone's ear.


4.  Wearing their significant other's clothes.


5.  Loading up texts with smiley and winky face emoticons.  Or even ONE emoticon.


6.  Eating a banana while maintaining eye contact.


7.  Buying a lot of adult toys.  Can guys buy handcuffs and not seem creepy?


8.  Referring to their father as "Daddy" once they're older than age 10.

Pauly Gets Heckled

Pauly tells about getting mocked a couple of times this weekend.  Once was after making small talk on an elevator a blind guy didn't realize Pauly was still in earshot and made fun of him.  Not a big deal.  At least Pauly can see.

Pauly was more bothered by a teenager who made fun of him during the Ver Hulst Haunted Hayride.  The kid decided to try and hurt Googs by repeatedly yelling at him "you're a fat ass Michael Myers".  If you cut Michael Myers does he not bleed.  Pauly was embarrassed.

Marianne tells about getting talked down to by another comedian she ran into in NYC, and how it made her feel badly.

Weird Al

Based on the last segment Pauly bumps with Weird Al Yankovic's "Fat" (parody of Michael Jackson's "Bad") and gets us talking about our favorite Weird Al songs.

John's is....


Billy's is...

Tools talks about places he been to on vacation, and wants to go to in the future, including Italy.  Pauly tells about his experiences as an exchange student in Italy.

Call From Jail

We get a call from listener "Freddy The Mason".  He's in jail after causing a disturbance at a local strip club, saying that he was tossed out for having an American flag.  We have a feeling that there was more to it than that.

This leads to a discussion of strip club etiquette, the differences when women go to one as opposed to men, why can't we get a casino but there are a ton of strip clubs in the area, and a bunch of other strip club tidbits.