Personal Hygiene

John Ditullio filling in for vacationing Brother Wease.

John talks about his morning routine, which normally doesn't include showering (he likes showering before bed) but he did shower today, and this leads to discussion of personal grooming in general.  We learn way too much about Pauly, who is trying to learn the rules of hair removal in his pubic area.

Pauly is also asking for advice regarding household pests... he and Ryann have a mouse or two in their apartment.  Any thoughts?  Marianne is against killing the creatures, and tells about the time she drove one to the beach in LA to get it out of her place.

Tools With Sports

In the MLB playoffs last night the Dodgers beat the Cardinals 3-0.  L.A.'s rookie star Yasiel Puig is either loved or hated by baseball fans for being cocky and a showboat.  He reinforced this last night when he posed for a homerun... but the ball wound up not leaving the park, and Puig still had enough talent and speed to get a standup triple.

The San Diego Chargers beat the Indy Colts 19-9 in Monday Night Football.  More importantly this led to Billy winning the office football pool.

A big night for former Buffalo Sabres captain Jason Pominville, who returned to Buffalo last night as a member of the Minnesota Wild.  He got a big hand from the hockey fans in Buffalo during player intros, and then Jason scored the winning goal in a 2-1 win for his team's wins.  Should the Sabres have given Pominville a small tribute during the pregame?  John and Buffal News columnist Mike Harrington think so.

Redneck News

This ménage a trois went south after a couple didn't see eye to eye.

A Vero Beach woman is accused of stabbing her boyfriend in the eye after he watched her have sex with another woman but then refused her amorous advances, r
eports Will Greenlee in his Off the Beat blog for

The incident unfolded after La Crystal King-Woolford, 28, came home from the Shake Your Booty club with a gal pal and got it on in the bedroom where here boyfriend had been sleeping, the report says.. 

Next time, dude, turn a blind eye to the action.

Photo: Indian River County Jail

La Crystal King-Woolford

and in more "Threesome News"...

If you can't trust someone as far as you could throw them, then maybe it's not a good idea to sleep with that person, especially in a threesome situation.

On Tuesday, Johnny Anderson's domestic partner called 911 after Anderson allegedly punched a hole in the sheet rock wall inside their Bradenton home and then punched the door of his partner's car, causing a dent, as his partner tried to leave, according to a Manatee County Sheriff's Office arrest report.

It seems the two men, who live together as a family, had a threesome earlier that day, according to Anderson's partner.

Afterward, Anderson "became paranoid with trust issues," the partner told deputies.

Anderson 'fessed up to his behavior but added he would not hurt his partner because he loves him -- even though he has a history of infidelity, the report said.

Photo:Manatee County Jail

Johnny Anderson

The Wayne County Office of the Sheriff reported the arrest on Sunday at 1: 20 a. m. of a Town of Walworth teen for Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest.

Ryan P. Dostman,
age 17, of Hen­nessey Road in Walworth was arrested after deputies responded to the report of a subject banging on the door of a Gananda residence. Deputies allege that Dostman was found on the front porch of the residence in a highly in­toxicated state and became irate with deputies as they approached him and began screaming at them. Dostman be­came combative with the deputies after being placed under arrest.

Dostman was arraigned in the Town of Walworth Court and was remanded to the Wayne County Jail.

Ryan P. Dostman

State Police in Lyons reported the arrest on Friday (10/4) at 9:34 p.m. of Melissa Oquendo,

age 28 of Filkins Road in Newark.

O q u e n d o was charged with Petit Larceny and C r i m i n a l Possession of Con­trolled
Sub­stance in the 7th degree. It is al­leged that Oquendo stole 120 Hydro­codone pills belonging to a neighbor and switched and replaced them with simple Tylenol pills. It is also alleged that she swapped the pills in her neigh­bor’s container last month also.

The neighbor finally caught on when the second batch of pills smelled bad.

Oquendo was arraigned and released
to appear in Arcadia Town Court.

Melissa Oquendo

State Police in Williamson reported the arrest on Friday (10/4) at 10: 09 a.m. of Bo­bijo Hal­ter age 20 of Brown Square apartments in the Town of Ontario.

It is al­leged that while an employee of the On­tario Mini Mart on Route 104,
in Ontario, Halter made false payouts to herself and bought scratch off lottery tickets.

She was charged with Petit Larceny in the amount of $139.89. She will ap­pear in Ontario Court on October 15.

Bobijo Halter

Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Friday (10/4) of Tyler Vonn, age 22 of Garfield Street in Newark. It is alleged that on Thursday ( 10/ 4), Vonn stole five $ 2 winning lottery tick­ets and $ 5.00 in change from a vehicle parking lot in the Ultralife parking lot. On the same date, he was charged with stealing a Vera Bradley purse, i- Phone and cash and credit cards from a vehi­cle in the same lot.

He then reportedly stole two fixed blade hunting knives from a vehicle in the IEC parking lot. He was charged with three counts of Petit Larceny and will appear in Newark Village Court on Oct. 16. Vonn had been arrested earlier for thefts from a vehicle in the Arcadia Shopping Plaza.

Tyler Vonn

Doug With News

- Deal To End Shutdown Expected Today

- Wegmans Expands Pharmacy Online

- Local Homeless Losing Place Of Sheter

- Woman Mugged In Henrietta

Controversial Facebook Photo

A California fitness enthusiast and mother of three is defending a controversial photo of herself that has prompted a cavalcade of Facebook critics to accuse her of fat shaming women.

In the photo, seen above, 32-year-old Maria Kang poses in a workout bra and matching micro shorts — revealing an incredibly toned figure with washboard abs — while surrounded by her three young sons, now 1, 3 and 4. Floating above her head is the question, “What’s your excuse?” The picture has gone viral, with more than 16 million views on Facebook, and has generated more than 12,000 comments. And while much of the input has been of the supportive “you go, girl” variety, plenty of it has been made up of angry, offended personal attacks on the photo subject, calling her everything from “obnoxious” and “fake” to a bad mom and a bully.

This leads to a discussion among show members about the controversy and working out, calls from listeners, and a caller that thinks Tools talks too much about his workout routine.

Stadium Controversy

We get a letter from a listener who went to the Bills game this weekend, and is upset because he was in the Club Level seats standing and cheering and asked by security to sit instead of standing and cheering.  There is also a "whistle policy" he was unaware of, where you can only leave and come back to your seats when the whistle blows on the field.  The letter writer says he'll never go back to the stadium, but we discuss the rights of the others in the club seats to have these rules followed.

Baggage Battles

We're joined by Billy Leroy from "Baggage Battles" on The Travel Channel.  He's on to promote Season 3 of his show, and tell stories of the things he found over the years in this auction for unclaimed baggage.

Paying For Autographs

We've talked to Wease in the past about paying for celebrity autographs, and know he's against it, but how does Tools feel about it?  New York Comic-Con was this past weekend in Manhattan, and Sylvester Stallone was charging $450 for pictures and autographs.  Others celebs charged from $20 to $200.

John said he's with Wease, and not for paying for autograph's or a meet-and-greet.  He might make an exception to ask Bono a couple questions, and Favre under certain circumstances.

Things That Aren't Normal Anymore 

1993 was twenty years ago.  How old does THAT make you feel?


Yesterday, there was a discussion on about things that were considered totally normal 20 years ago, but are completely frowned upon today.  Here are nine of the best ones . . .


1.  Calling someone just to ask a quick question.


2.  Asking to check out the cockpit during a flight . . . and sometimes getting to.


3.  Smoking in restaurants.


4.  Not having a cell phone.


5.  Writing a check at a store.


6.  Serving peanut butter in schools.


7.  Laughing about people getting knocked out of football games with concussions, even high school kids.


8.  Women still having a lot of HAIR DOWN THERE.


9.  Using the phrase, "That's so gay."

Strip Club Stories Part 2

A followup to yesterday's talk about strip club etiquette.  The owner of the nude club in Byron calls to tell stories from her 23 years in the naked lady business, from nutty customers to some of the wackier girls she's dealt with.  It seems that many of our listeners have been to a strip club or two in their time, and share their stories too.  Here's a blast from the past, and a couple of the girls we've had on the show.

Music Of Our Youths

The bump song from Motley Crue gets the crew reminiscing about music they loved when they were kids.  Tools fondly recalls Kool and the Gang while playing basketball.  When Marianne's friends were listening to New Kids On The Block she was digging The Mamas and the Papas.  Pauly started listening to Nirvana and Sublime because the cool kids did, but wound up loving them... and rap of course.