Ginger Or Maryann

John Ditullio makes an offhand Gilligan's Island referance which leads to John and Billy explaining the classic sitcom to dbag Pauly, and the neverending question... Ginger or Maryann?

A discussion occurs of everyones favorite TV shows of all time.  Sitcoms ranging from Happy Days to Three's Company to Cheers to Seinfeld to The Simpsons... Dramas from Quincy to NCIS.  Marianne brings up a show no one else has heard of... a singing and dancing sitcom called "Rags To Riches".

Tools With Sports

The Dodgers and Tigers won their MLB playoff games yesterday.

It's official Bills fans... QB EJ Manuel is out 4-6 weeks with the knee injury.  If Thad Lewis plays well do you sit out Manuel longer so his knee heals even more?  This leads to how Bills fans are eternal optimists, as opposed to Cleveland Browns fans like Pauly who never expect anything good to happen.... if fact a football fan in Cleveland has advertised for a new QB on Craigslist.

Today is the 95th birthday of Bills owner Ralph Wilson, and John reveals a media secret from his days as a TV broadcaster... when he worked for R News he recorded an obituary for Ralph many years ago in case Mr. Wilson died unexpectedly (or in his case, expectedly).  He also recorded an obit for Marv Levy, and other sports figures getting up in age.

Redneck News... Thursday Edition

State Police in Lyons arrested a Newark man for driving to the police station while intoxicated and in possession of cocaine. According to police, Luis Morales, 44, drove to the State Police Barracks in Lyons and requested to talk to a trooper. Morales appeared to be intoxated at the time of the incident. Upon further investigation, troopers located a large quantity of cash on Morales and four ounces of cocaine in his car. Morales was committed to Wayne County Jail without bail due to prior felony convictions. He is schedule to appear in court at a later date.

We also revisit the story of Maria Kang, the controversial workout guru.  John thinks she is just being a motivator, but Pauly and Marianne think it's a bit of bullying, bitchiness, and being judgemental.

Will Ferrell's Side Gig

Will Ferrell is hilarious, and it seems that once a year he shows up somewhere and introduces the starting line up for a sporting event.  Here's a piece of him announcing the Dodgers before yesterday's game.

We also play Ferrell's introductions at a Bulls game last year.

Doug With News

- Shutdown Ends

- Screaming Steno Removed From Chamber

- Man Shot On Jefferson Ave.

- Plant Closing Delayed In Livingston County

Shannon Elizabeth

We speak with actress Shannon Elizabeth, most famous as Naudia in "American Pie", about her visit to Rochester tonight for Fashion Week Of Rochester.  She talks about her movies, poker, baseball, being a vegan, and more.

Pauly's Sauce

Pauly got an email from a listener this morning asking to buy some of his homemade sauce.  This may be an actual business opportunity, and Googs is now exploring whether it's something he really could do as a side business, and not just something he enjoys doing for himself.

Pigskin Pickem

Pick this weekend's NFL games against the members of The Wease Show HERE and win fabulous prizes, including pizza prize packs from Papa John's.  John says the Last Man Standing lock of the week is Green Bay over Cleveland.

Obnoxious Facebook Posts

You know the best way to stop being annoyed by people on Facebook?  Stop using Facebook.


Just kidding.  We understand it's not humanly possible to quit Facebook.  So now . . . BACK TO COMPLAINING.


We've got a new list here of the nine most obnoxious things people post on Facebook.  It doesn't include photos or links or videos, just status updates and wall posts.  Check 'em out . . .


1.  The "I'm living the life" brag.  Example:  "Guess who just got promoted!" or "Off to Hawaii!"


2.  The disguised brag.  Example:  "Walking home from work three different guys whistled at me and two others made comments about my cleavage.  Sometimes I really hate men."  Also known as a 'humblebrag'.


3.  Relationship updates.  Example:  "Tough day at work and I came home to a candlelight dinner.  I am the luckiest girl in the world."


4.  The cryptic cliffhanger.  Example:  "This could be a biggggggggg day . . ."


5.  The update that LITERALLY describes what you're doing that day . . . and it's not even interesting.  Example:  "Off to the gym, then dinner and watching TV."


6.  The public-private message.  Example:  "I miss you, when can we hang out?"


7.  The out-of-nowhere Oscar speech.  Example:  "I just want to thank everyone who's touched my life.  Your support means everything and I wouldn't have gotten through the past year without you."


8.  The incredibly obvious opinion about a big event.  Example:  "Thinking about all the people affected by the recent tragedy.  So heartbreaking."


9.  Unsolicited spiritual wisdom.  Example:  "'Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.' -Buddha."

We also talk about the Senate stenographer that flipped out during last night's vote to end the government shutdown.  We feel sorry for the lady, and try and figure out what she was talking about.