Halloween Eve

Halloween is timorrow, and the plans for the crew include Wease being grumpy answering the door to give out candy.  He kind of digs the little kids, but the 16 and 17 year olds bug him.

Pauly will be at Murphy's Law for his other station from 11pm-1am, so should be in great form on Friday morning.  He will be taking pics of the local hot chicks in their slutty costumes, and making a photo gallery for our website.

Marianne will be in NYC filming a special for VH1 on Halloween, so maybe we'll get a report on what happens in the big city from her.

Wease also rants against people that post innocuous stuff to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  People are sharing way to much info no one cares about.

Tools With Sports

Wease is shocked to hear that the Buffalo Bills are only getting 3 points against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.  The argument is that KC hasn't "played anyone"... Wease and John think that number is going to go up by the end of the week.

Time for Wease and Pauly to pick their team for Last Man Standing, and still have good teams like New England and New Orleans as options.  With Tools advice they take Dallas at home over the Minnesota Vikings.  Go Cowboys!

Game 6 of the World Series tonight.  If the Cardinals win, and it goes to a 7th game on Thursday something very rare will happen.  Thurs. night will have all four major sports playing at the same time... MLB baseball, NFL football, NBA basketball, and professional wrestling (plus there are NHL hockey games going on).  Remember when the Series used to end in the beginning or middle of October?  that's why Reggie Jackson is Mr. October.

Redneck News... Wednesday Edition

Top Stories

A driver crashed into a Palmyra post office Tuesday afternoon.Police say Suzanne Francis, 35, of Palmyra, crashed into the post office on East Main Street around 3:35 p.m.Francis was charged with DWI-Drugs. 

Palmyra Village Police reported the arrest on Friday (10/18) of Ken­neth Hoy,

age 50, of 402 Canal Street, Apt. 2 in Pal­myra
for five counts of Petit Lar­ceny and one count of Unlawful Possession of Personal Identifica­tion Infor­mation.

It is alleged that while doing volun­teer handyman jobs for the Zion Epis­copal Church in the Village, Hoy used a church credit card to purchase items from the Kwik Fill sixteen times. He also allegedly used a church debit card to the tune of $ 146 to install Dish satel­lite services at his apartment.

A record check showed Hoy was wanted on two old warrants, one out of Williamson State police for a Bad Check, the other on a bench warrant out of the City of Canandaigua.

Hoy was arraigned and remanded to jail on $ 1000 cash/$ 2000 bond and will reappear in Palmyra Village Court on November 12th.

Kenneth Hoy

More mugshots and stories HERE

Doug With News

- D&C To Relocate To Midtown

- Wallenda Announces Niagara Falls Resort 

- Democrats Call Out Richards Campaign 

- New Facility Turns Sugar Into Fuel

Wease calls in Jackie Nutt to ask her about her pronunciation of a word he heard her say during her recording of The Slime.  She had an issue with the word "restitution", which she pronounced "restituition".  He's just trying to help her out, and comment on how cute she looks today. 

Go Down Gambling

Street Willie shows up and asks us to check the lottery numbers, which leads to a debate of gambling, and the ignorance of people that spend more money than they can afford to lose on stuff like lottery tickets, and any other form of gambling.

We also wind up getting into an argument about the definition of the word "ignorance"...

  1. 1.
    lack of knowledge or information.
    "he acted in ignorance of basic procedures"
    synonyms: incomprehension of, unawareness of, unconsciousness of, unfamiliarity with, inexperience with, lack of knowledge about, lack of information about; 
    informalcluelessness about
    "a statement that shows a complete ignorance of the regulations"
    lack of knowledge, lack of education, unenlightenment, illiteracy;
    lack of intelligence, stupidityfoolishnessidiocy
    "both ignorance and poverty contribute to the growing problem of forced child labor"

Wease and Marianne get into a debate about which is a better purchase at a convenience store... a scratch-off ticket or a candy bar.  Wease says you get more of a benefit from the candy, Marianne says the scratch-off is a better investment.

 39 Steps

We're joined in studio by Monica West and Aaron Munoz, 2 cast members of Geva's theater production of Hitchcock's classic "39 Steps".  Wease talks to Monica about her years growing up in Honeoye Falls, how she wound up and actress, and also talks to Aaron about the extra pound or two he's carrying.  Marianne is appalled that Wease brings up people's weights, and is crying inside for all actors judged by their appearance.  Get info on the play HERE.

We also talk about TV work done by Monica and Aaron including Walking Dead, Law & Order, and Monica's comedy troupe MVPleez.

Ask Wease

First, a question from me... someone left this sign in front of Wease's house last night.  Why?

- A listener's 7 year old daughter wants to be a hobo for Halloween.  How does she even know the word "hobo", and should she be embarrassed  about being a bum?  There is no reason to worry about being embarrassed she's a hobo... it's Halloween, no one is really gonna think she's poor and homeless... plus it's an easy costume.

- What is the weirdest poker story Wease has?  Wease has lots of poker stories, but two come to mind...

1. The time Wease hallucinated a hand he didn't have, and thought he had won with a full house, and didn't have one.  He looked under the table for the cards he thought he had, and still doesn't understand what happened.

2.  The time Wease accidentally took someone's chips, and then tried to figure out who had stolen them from his friend.

- Does Wease ever get uptight when you're out to dinner with other people and the bill comes?  Places where Wease goes they split the bill evenly among the credit cards, but you can sometimes get caught if the other people eat more expensively than you.

Anne Serling

We're joined in studio by Anne Serling, the daughter of TV icon, Rod Serling... creator of The Twilight Zone.  She has a book out about her dad in which she talks about growing up with him, the misconceptions surrounding him, the legacy of the TV and, and his other work.  She says her favorite episode is "Walking Distance".