Halloween Songs

It's Halloween, and we start the morning talking about all the Halloween show prep we have, and Wease asks what songs there are to play besides "Monster Mash".  turns out there are TONS, and the listeners spend a fun set reminding us of all our choices... everything from Hells Bells by AC/DC to Creature From The Black Lagoon by Dave Edmunds to I Scare Myself by Dan Hicks.  Plus many, many more.

Tools With Sports

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series last night with a 6-1 drubbing of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Right now we have no idea who the Buffalo Bills are starting at QB this weekend... Thad Lewis has injured ribs and is 50/50 to play against the Chiefs.  Jeff Tuel and Matt Flynn have been splitting reps in practice.  Wease doesn't understand why so many people he knows think the Bills are gonna win.  Tools suggests Wease bet on KC -3 and the under (the number is 40 1/2)

Also a discussion of the scariest movies ever... Tools loves classis like The Omen, The Exorcist, the original Halloween, and Rosemary's Baby.  Wease goes even further back to the original "Night Of The Living Dead".


Halloween Grinch

We FINALLY found someone giving out something WORSE to trick-or-treaters than toothbrushes. 


A woman in Fargo, North Dakota who's only been identified as "Cheryl" says that she won't be passing out candy on Halloween . . . at least not to every kid.  Some kids will get candy . . . but CHUBBY KIDS will get a letter SHAMING their parents. 


The letter says, quote, "You are probably wondering why your child has this note . . . Your child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some children this Halloween season. 


"My hope is that you will step up as a parent and ration candy this Halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits."

Doug With News

Wease tells Doug about the sign someone left on his lawn the other day trying to convert Wease from his heathen ways.

- Macedon Police Officer Arrested

- Controversial Apartment Complex Approved 

- Richards Could Stop Campaign

Dan Mason

The best GM in baseball, Dan Mason from the Rochester Red Wings, is in studio to talk about a couple things going on at Frontier Field.

Tomorrow at 4pm there will be the public unveiling of the Red Wings new logo... the first time the team has changed looks in 17 years.  

We also talk about hockey, and the Frozen Frontier stuff happening in December at the stadium featuring an Amerks game, alumni game, college and high school hockey games, all outside in the baseball field.  Get info HERE.

Sky Sands

Comedian/Magician Sky Sands joins us in studio.  Talking about the movie Juno leads to talking about writer Diablo Cody, and the year she spent as a stripper to write a book, plus a discussion of what type of women guys like to look at in strip clubs.

Bonus Content... Hot For Teacher

We also talk about the secrets behind magic tricks, and Pauly talks about seeing a magician on Katie Couric's show revealing how to do a trick, with Sky the professional giving his thoughts on the subject.  Sky also does

Artie Lange

Comedian, and former Howard Stern sidekick, Artie Lange calls to promote his new book "Crash and Burn", which chronicles his fall into addiction, and how he is conquering his demons.  Artie tells us how he received help from people like Howard, and encouragement from Bruce Sprigsteen.  Pauly is a big fan of Artie Lange, and has read the book, which he describes as a rollercoaster ride... funny, sad, heartbreaking, you love Artie and hate him at the same time.  

Halloween Stuff

Halloween leads to discussion of tainted candy, and offensive costumes.  Is it offensive for a white person to wear a mask of a famous black person, like people were mad at Julianne Hough for wearing blackface to portray a favorite TV character. from "Orange Is The New Black".

Marion Grodin

We talk to comedian Marion Grodin on the phone to promote her upcoming book signing in Rochester this Sunday.  Get info HERE.

Wease and Marion reminisce about the classic time she was in studio and had a classic blowout with Lonsberry, who was being snotty with her, which lead to the classic "Kiss my ass all day long" moment.