Early Morning Traffic

This morning Wease had an issue that he usually doesn't have at 5am... a traffic detour.  He was daydreaming, and wound up going out of his way to get here, even though after thinking about it he wasn't even sure if the road he wanted was even closed.

Wease also tells us about a meeting he went to yesterday at his high school alma mater, and how after the meeting he went wandering around the school reminiscing.  He went to the boys locker room, and tried to get into the swimming pool, but it was locked.  Wease wonders if they even use the pool during gym class, like when he was a kid and swam naked.

We talk about aging, and how people still see themselves as their younger self.

Tools With Sports 

Chipper Jones, retired superstar for the Atlanta Braves got into trouble with his old team when he predicted the Dodgers beating the Braves in the MLB Playoffs.  Chipper threw out the first pitch last night, and none of the Atlanta players wanted to catch for him, so the mascot had to do it.

Tomas Hertl of the San Jose Sharks had a "Goal of The Year" candidate against the Rangers last night.  Check it out.

Johnny nails a "This Day In History"...

17 years ago . . . in 1996 - In the opening game of the AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES,12-year-old Jeffrey Maier turned a probable fly-out into a game-tying home run.


(He reached over the right-field wall at Yankee Stadium, sweeping the ball into the stands with his baseball glove.  His catch helped the Yankees win, 5-4 in 11 innings.)

Tools says the O's outfielder had no shot at making the catch.  I completely disagree.

Chief Sheppard In Studio

Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard is in studio for his monthly visit to The Wease Show.  He answers listener questions regarding topics like the red light cameras, the recent gun buy back, city violence, and what Pauly would have to confess to on the air to get him arrested immediately.

Shari Smith News

- Chase Trial Resumes Today

- Surprise Visitor To R.I.T

- Man Killed On Alexander St. Identified

- Bills Show Off Plans For Stadium Upgrade

Fashion Week

Elaine Spaull and Ann Spinoza are in studio to promote Fashion Week of Rochester.  They tell Wease about all the events going on around town next week, and since the women are old friends of Rochester, lots of ball busting.  Guests for the events include rock star Tommy Lee and Human Beat Box Doug E. Fresh.  Get info HERE.

Sweet Receding Hairline Vs. Snaggletoothed Bitch

You'd think strippers would be able to block out insults from drunk idiots.  Apparently that's not ALWAYS the case.



On Monday night, 31-year-old Ernest Kadlick was at the Masters Gentlemen's Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  And 25-year-old Nicole Passmore is a stripper there.



According to Ernest, she kept asking him if he wanted a lap dance . . . and he kept turning her down.  Finally, the third time she asked and he said no, she just grabbed some money he'd left on the table . . . and started giving him the lap dance anyway.



And as she gave him the dance, Nicole told him he had a, quote, "sweet receding hairline."  He responded, quote, "Yeah, and you're a snaggle toothed bitch!"



So Nicole immediately jumped up . . . and started PUNCHING HIM IN THE FACE.



She got in about six good shots before they were separated.  Ernest ended up with a black eye, and Nicole was arrested for misdemeanor assault.

The Invisible Children

We're joined in studio by Tyler, Dana, and David... representatives from Invisible Children, which is trying to end war atrocities against children.  David was a victim of the terrible situation that led to the Kony 2012 Viral Video.

David's father was killed in front of him, and forced to go to war.  He escaped and is now helping Invisible Children in their efforts.  He tells us about the awful things he's seen in his life.  It makes us all thankful for what we have.  Wease talks about how his son Sammy wants to join the organization, and has been passionate about it for a year now.

Pigskin Pickem/Last Man Standing

Pauly and Wease debate their choice for Last Man Standing this week.  Even though Denver is the biggest lock over Jacksonville in the history of the NFL the guys take Cincinatti over Buffalo.

Go up against The Wease Show cast and their football picks HERE.

KISS In The News

Someone out there was willing to cough up $250,000 to buy a single piece of USED gum, which had been chewed by GENE SIMMONS of KISS.


And that makes total sense . . . you know, since there's such a DEARTH of KISS memorabilia out there.  (???)


Strangely, it wasn't even a CLASSIC piece of gum from a notable moment in the band's history.  Gene chewed it less than two weeks ago, while on a British show called "Soccer AM".


The gum was sold on eBay, and . . . after 99 BIDS . . . closed at $247,310.40.  There's no word on who the buyer is, or what they were smoking when they made the bid.  The proceeds will be donated to charity.


The gum's "packaging" was included, along with a "script" from the show.  (The auction link is still up, here).


What phase did you go through that you still CRINGE about today?  There was a discussion online about it yesterday . . . check out a few highlights:  There was a bisexual Indian guy who went through a skinhead phase . . . a guy who spent an entire year of middle school training to fight the devil . . . and someone who wouldn't answer to any name when they were four, other than Frosty the Snowman.

Pauly talks about his high school phase where he decided it was important to smell good, and used too much cologne, and Wease decided he wanted to have a beer belly to be "a guy".