Weekends Over!! It's Monday

Billy is out today and tomorrow so Jackienutt here handling the Rundown! Veterans Day today! - Wease says his kids are home sleeping & they were lucky enough to have sleepovers last night!

An arrest was made in connection to the 15 year old boy shot on Adams street last week - he died trying to save his grandmother from two intruders. The grandmother says she will never forget the suffereing her grandson faced through death, but she does not hate the killers. Wease points out how theres two different worlds - one in which a grandmother could see that and still not hate -- and another where people would turn around and shoot someone else. -- Wease also says he remembers the days when he was on air and never reported a shooting, now it seems like one every day

Typhoon in Philippines - over 200 mph winds, biggest storm in recorded history with over 10,000 killed and thousands missing.

Tools with Sports

Shocker the Bills loose =/ EJ Manuel was not ready to play and shouldve taken a longer break - They didnt want to put a newbee in if Manuel was semi-descent to play. Steelers looked disinterested at first but then stepped it up

Tools team, Penn State, looses & Wease took them with a 2, 2.5 point spread because he couldnt go against Tools pick -- tonights Monday night game is Miami Dolphines at Tampa Bay!

Richie Incognito told Fox Sports he was embarrassed for the voicemail he left on former teammate Jonathan Martin's phone - but Martin says he wasnt mad - there are tons of history of them texting and talking and it was all crued, rude humor and talk.

http://nydn.us/1ajBkaA -- full Incognito video

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith pretends to wipe his butt with a Brazil soccer jersey & is not receiving death threats... watch the video!

Busy Friday!

After work Wease had to go home and take his sick kitty, Kanye, to the vet to put him down! Friday Doreen called in and argued with Wease because he didnt know how sick it was and wanted to just let him chill around the house, but sadly the kitty has a tumor & is suffering :( Wease also informed us there is no charge put that service - only if you want cremation or a ceremony for your animal

After that the whole crew headed to the Radisson Riverside for Numerous Nuptials where Wease married/renewed vows of 15 different couples!!! It was a ton of fun, but a long day! After Wease & Doreen took Marianne and her boyfriend to Tony D's where Wease met the wife of the man who will perform his colonoscopy Wednesday... SMALL WORLD!!!!!!!

Doug With News

- Before we could get started with the news, Wease tells us he took Lucy to get a new kitten this weekend, and the one they pick out is a tad unstable, he said it looked/felt like his dying kitty. But they took it him and introduced it to Wease' dog!

- Veterans day! - Battle of the Bulge veterans are meeting downtown this morning, and the Red Sox are giving free tours of the stadium for vets

- Every building, house in the Philippines is ruined with at least one family loosing a member

-Another arrest is planning to be made in relation to the shooting/killing of the 15 year old boy

-Jury selection began in the case of the women who is accused of buying the weapons used in the west webster fir last Christmas Eve

-31 year old Matthew Straton has been missing since Oct. 28

-US Postal Service will join Amazon to be delivering packages on Sundays from now on.

Wease in Vietnam

We play some of Wease' tapes from the Veitnam War when he was only 19 years old

He doesnt believe the fighting shouldve gone on that long, he was constantly told they were going to send him home but never were, they were doing drugs and the boom boom obviously but that helped Wease stay less effected by the killings.

Weekend Plans!

We were all at Numerous Nuptials Friday, but after that our weekends began! Wease was supposed to go to Mariannes apartment but got lost and ended up at the aparmtent complex across the street & apparently its wayyyyyy nicer than Mariannes! 

On Saturday Marianne went over Paulys and taught Ryan how to obnoxiously yell when she wants things - your welcome Pauly!! Wease went to the movies with Doreen and Sammy to see 'About Time' the time traveling love story movie & he loved it! Teaser -- Rachel McAdams gets naked :)

Wease also tells us how he was at Dunkin Donuts saturday and an old man had dropped his credit card on the ground and bent down to get it and dropped his pants... bare nake!

Paulys Problems!

Its no secret Pauly has issues, scared of cancer, and a serious hypochondriact - but he also has thyroid issues, every few months he has to get a needle to the thyroid to get tests. That in and of itself gets him freaked and hangs a black cloud over his head for days. So with his luck his first time he went, April, the tests were inconlusive, the second time, August, they canceled his appointment the day off and finally last week he had no cahnges so there was no test.. Pauly gets all worked up and freaked over nothing! But they gave him a sheet that lists all 9 of his problems.... anxiety (no shock), fatty liver, Gilberts Syndrome, Hasimotos Thyroiditis, Hypothyroidism, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Morbid obesity, Sleep apnea and Nontoxic Multinodular Goiter

Most Common Dreams

Wease tells us about his dream last night where he's choking and cant breath -- His dream was choking himself with the ties on his sweatshirt - He thinks it means you cant breath in real life

  1. Completely Nonsensical dreams
  2. Naked in Public
  3. Sex Dreams with Celeb or Someone you Know
  4. Work Dreams (pauly cant get to delay button becasue Wease has just swore)
  5.  Being embarressed infront of crows