Start off the Morning with a Ramble

We start off the show by talking about a teacher who has recently been arrested for sending inappropriate photos to a 14 year old student (& vice versa) - Pauly tells an inappropriate teacher story from his high school as does Jackienutt! Wease moves on to leotard tak and then quickly shifts to the crazy alien morning show and describes to Marianne all the scientists and smart people that actually go on the show! Then we end the segment with a classic argument over movies - whats good, what makes it good and where to go!

Honor the Vets

Wease is honored as a veteran last night and part of the crew attends! Heres some photos -- 



Tools with Sports

- Tampa beat Miami last night 22-19

-Even though he will play this weekend, Tools suggests that EJ Manuel needs more time to develope before he starts! -- Wease suggests Tebow shouldve played for Bills because absolutely anyone wouldve been better than all these QBs.

- We get off on a huge movie tangent about where you can find movies online for free (and sports games too) Tools says he wants to watch games on TV and he'll just wait for movies to come to redbox - but impatient Wease wants the free movies now! Then Pauly and Tools go off about movie theaters!

-Wease tells a story about the Oakland University basketball coach being fired for mentally abusing the students. We discuss how stressful and intense that high level of sports can be -- then it turns into a ton of Penn State abuse jokes and Tools gets antsy! 

Paula Popper

This women won an WXXI auction where she donated money to charity to sit in on the Wease show for a day. She is a life coach and clinical hypnotherapist (deals a lot of stress) at "Interpeace Works" Wease talks to her about her helping people quit smoking, and even though she doesnt do that she does try and help people loose weight -- its about why your eating what you are!

Redneck News

-John Castner, 49, and Gale Raponi, 57, charged with 61 counts of animal abandonment and 24 counts over-driving and torturing animals. The animals were extremely thin, no food or water, over 90 degree rooms, dead animals all around. 15-20 sheep, 2 geese, 3 pigs (5 if you include the criminals), a turkey, 10 chickens and 5 dogs.


- Chrystal Behm, 22, was arrested for aggravated harassment after making threatening overtones to her ex-boyfriends new girlfriend! She looks either innocent or like she got exactly what she wanted!!!

Doug with News

- Two fires this morning: One in Batavia where a man was killed, and one in Livingston where a women was hanging from her bedroom window but luckily saved. 

-Sean Vickers arrested for 11 new counts of child abuse with 4 different boys - unfortunately the police believe there are many more victims since this has been going on since 1980s.

-Relief rushing to the rescue in the Philippines as over 10 million are affected, and over 10,000 dead

-Associated Press reported that corn based ethonal is actually way more costly and damaging that the government has been telling us

- Alec Baldwin enters court today as a Canadian actress has been stalking him and showing up at his multiple homes

-The decision will be announced this morning on who wnis the tallest building; either World Trade Center or the Willis Tower in Chicago

Kids, kids, kids....

A man, 25 years old from Sarasota County (Fla.) windexes his baby after smoking synthetic pot and getting anxiety about taking care of the kid; he now facing child abuse charges -- Wease describes that kids are harder when theyre older, running around and doing god knows what -- Marianne says what worries her is 'flat head' when you leave the baby on its head for too long and it flattens.... weird!

5 things We Can Cure if We Werent Puddy

  1. Figure out which medicine is okay to give to prego women that wont affect the baby.. basically endanering child and hoping it doesnt hurt them
  2. Could cure malaria if we wiped out all the mosquitos 
  3. Learn how language is created by throwing a bunch of kids together, isolating them and seeing what comes out
  4. Find best way to raise kids to maxamize intelligence, friendliness, emotional stability by seperating two identical twins (Like the movie Twins!)
  5. Could cure most diseases (from HIV to Cancer) if clinical trials on humans were the first step instead of last

Casey Kasem

Big fight between Kasem kids and his wife Jean over controlof his affairs - Kids filed legal document saying he suffers from memory problems, hallucinations and impairment of thinking and communication skills -- The kids held a demonstration outside Casey's house claiming Jean wont let them see him... its basically a disaster 

But that leads into a weird tangent about Ashley Madison, a website where people create fake profiles so they can cheat on their spouses -- a women is suing this company because she hurt her wrist typing up so many fake profiles! full story:

Paul Rees

Phoner Paul Rees calls in to tell us about his new book Robert Plant: A Life - a book on facts and history of Plant, his bands, his music and all the greatness! Now available on amazon 


Two Lancer boys come in to promote their new seasopn starting this Saturday! Marianne tells us a ton of her soccer stories from when she was little, Wease reviews the rules, and positions of soccer! Indoor soccer is a lot more fast paced than normal soccer, few different rules but very exciting!

GEVA: "Late Night Catechism 2"

Novemeber 5 - Dec 15: A nun comedy play... seriously! The auditorium is set up like a 70s classroom and shockingly majority of the play is addlib - for all ages and religions!