Welcome Back Wease

Wease had yesterday off to get a colonoscopy, so talks about the experience starting with the cleansing the night before, to the decision about whether to use anesthesia (he did), to last evening playing poker.  He was a little nervous going into the procedure, but everything was simple and easy... no pollyps (sp?) or anything.  Here is Wease resting at home before going in with the new kitty Luna.

Tools With Sports

We start the sports the same way we ended yesterday show... talking about the shake up with the Buffalo Sabres... the hiring of Pat LaFontaine as President of Hockey Operations, and our buddy Ted Nolan the head coach.  Ted may be calling later this morning.

The spread on the Broncos/Chiefs game this Sunday is KC +8.  Wease and Johnny both say take Denver.  The Chiefs best receiver Dwayne Bowe was arrested for pot, but is still playing this weekend.

If you want to go to your happy place today check out the video on Marianne's page, which cynical Wease originally thought was fake, but is just adorable.

On the sadder side of things we talk about "The Knockout Game", in which teens walk up to a stranger on the street and try to knock them out with one punch.  Just awful.

Knockout Game Continued

Upon further research there was a recent "Knockout Game" killing in Syracuse that you can read about here.  Marianne is curious if part of the problem is related to the popularity of violent video games making kids desensitized.

Pauly mentions that actor David Arquette proposed a video game where players went around doing good things, instead of criminals like in Grand Theft Auto, and was laughed at.

Some listeners called with stories of their own experiences with the "Knockout Game", including a guy who's son lived near Billy's house and was attacked, and urges Billy to move out of the area.

Bonus Content... Fall Is In The Air

Doug With News

Since Doug is a huge Sabres fan we start the segment with his take on the changes made in the organization in the past 24 hours.  he's sees them as mostly positive, but feels bad for former coach Ron Rolston who may have been in over his head.

- Warren Announces Transition Team

- Parkway Closure Starts Today

- Man Shot In Bar Parking Lot On Lyell

Shubie Is Back

One our favorite comedians, Jimmy Shubert, is at The Comedy Club tonight thru Saturday, and in studio with us today.

Shubie talks about his recent experiences during a trip to China, including performances at Chinese/Irish pubs, and receiving "special treatment" at a massage parlor... getting a "tornado b...j.b" from a gymnast hooker.

Animal Story Of The Day

If your dog saved your life, you'd probably reward it with extra TLC, treats, anything.  But this week, a guy in Iowa did WAY more than that.


Around 1:30 in the morning on Tuesday, Paul Kemp of Des Moines, Iowa woke up to his dog Sheba barking like crazy and jumping on his chest.  Then he realized why . . . when he saw FLAMES spreading across the room, about 10 feet from him.


The first thing he did was try to put the fire out with water.  But it was already too late, so he ran out of the house, went to his neighbor's, and called 911.


But then he noticed Sheba wasn't with him, and realized she must still be INSIDE.  So he ran BACK into the burning house, found Sheba, and saved HER life.


So far, police aren't sure what caused the fire, but the house was a total loss.  Luckily, Paul had homeowner's insurance.  He and Sheba are currently in a hotel.

There is also a new controversy on the show regarding animals... Marianne posted a video on her page of a bunny rabbit getting a shower because she thought it was sweet, and it made her happy.  Now some people are saying that it's really animal cruelty... that rabbits hate water, but being on their back's paralyze them.  Watch the video and decide for yourself whether the bunny is happy.

More Shubie

Jimmy talking about doing a show with Chris Rock leads to a discussion of the greatest comedians of all time, and the differences between older guys like Leno and Seinfeld to the more current performers like Louie CK and Bill Burr.  Billy talks about seeing Leno in the early 80s, and it being the greatest standup show he's ever seen (except for Jimmy Shubert of course).

Celebrity Sex

JENNIFER LAWRENCE was asked about the sexualization of young women like MILEY CYRUS in entertainment and she said, quote, "Sex sells, and for some disgusting reason young sex sells even more."  But she may not have been targeting Miley specifically, and she added, quote, "I'm just saying, to each their own."

We wind up talking about celebrity sex tapes, and in particular the one made by Lawrence Fishburne's daughter, and how her dad paid 2 million bucks for all the copies to squash it's release.

Entertainment Talk

Wease and Shubie talk music, movies, The Lone Ranger, Ginger Baker, Blind Faith, and controversial album covers.  Wease reminisces about the Blind Faith cover with the topless teen girl, and Baker's legendary drum solo on the song "Toad".

Shaun Toub



We speak to actor Shaun Toub, who is currently playing the bad guy on Wease and Pauly's favorite show "Homeland".  He tells Wease how he got the role, how he became a fan, and his other roles from his long career including "Crash", "Iron Man", "The Kite Runner", "The Sopranos", and more.