Free Fallin'

Two men were taken to a Buffalo hospital after a dude fell from the third deck at Ralph Wilson Stadium landing on and injuring a man below. Both men were treated immediately, no serious injuries were incurred. Check out the video:

Batkid Melts Your Heart

7,000 people lined the streets in Downtown San Francisco to support young Miles Scott--a lukemia survivor--as Make-A-Wish fulfilled his wish to be Batman. He was able to ride the Batmobile, arrest the Riddler and given a key to the city.

Sailboat Fire

On the Genesee River in Charlotte, a guy was sleeping on his boat when a space heater caught fire. The 50 year old suffered severed burns and now is held up in ICU. And Marianne makes a great point--if you're gonna catch fire, no better place than on a body of water.

Sports with Tools   

For all the heat he's been taking, EJ Manuel played surprisingly well last night.

Bills take the win against the Jets with a final score of 14-37. And Jets become the first team in NFL to alternate wins & losses for the first ten games. 

On Fox Sports Live Donovan McNabb said that Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson was "absolutely not" an athlete sparking outrage among the Nascar fan base. Johnson later tweeted, "I choose to be respectful. There is way too much venom spewed these days."

Career Day with Marianne Class of '94

Marianne visits Aquinas...

She was paired with a local Top 40 DJ. The DJ was a monster hit with the tweenies. They asked about pop stars and they wanted autographs. 

Marianne's talk induced eye rolls from the students, who only knew the Wease Show because their parents are listeners. 

Confrontation at the Picture Show

A 71 year old woman was in the theatre watching 12 Years a Slave when she kicked the seat in front of her because some douche was on his phone. The man stood up, turned around and then the elder hit him in the face. He called the police, but did not press charges because he didn't want an older woman to be arrested. He did want an apology though. 

"How bout you shut off your goddamn phone"


Doug with News

Wease starts with some weather madness, we've had our share of wind, but at the Bears game in Chicago the game was delayed for two hours because of a tornado warning. In fact, 40 tornados touched down across the Midwest. 

*Today police will share more about the falling fan at the Bills game

*Boat fire in Charlotte, no name has been released, but the 50 year old man has suffered burns on 30% of his body

*Protesting against the Common Core Testing, parents are keeping their children home today. 

*Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may lose his powers today, but no big deal he's getting his a reality television show! And really who is more deserving than the Mayor? 

*NASA is launching probe MAVEN to study Mars upper atmosphere and answer why Mars evolved from a warm and wet to the cool and dry planet it is today

*To reduce housing costs and bring together young creative types, Tech entreprenuers are taking over mansions and other large building in San Francisco to revive communial living. They want shared groceries, family meals and yoga!

*Sony has sold more than 1 million consoles in its first 24 hours on the market

On Love

A new study has found that a 'broken heart' can take an actual physical toll on the body. Wease knows a guy...his son. Wease proposes a 'Man Class' where men can share the knowledge and experience that comes with age. Researchers found that after a spouse dies, the chance the survivor dies goes up 66% for the following three months after the death. 

"Best way to get over somebody, get under somebody else"


"Lose a lover, find another"

- Wease

According to another study, researchers found that people passionately in love perform poorly on tests. Basically love makes you stupid.

On Health

Wease was at the Vitamin & Card outlet cashing out when he saw a woman shopping for pills from a cooler, he asked what she was taking. She explained the pills give you probiotics to cleanse the excess antibiotics out of your system. Wease has anxiety about all the antibiotics Americans are consuming and the health risks associated with that (e.g immune build-up, hospital deaths). He's on board with probiotics.

Caller Mark shares an anectode about taking probiotics which replaces the bacteria in your intestinal track. Mark takes it for nutritional purposes (he's a cyclist). 

Darius Rucker

After his time with Hootie & the Blowfish, Rucker is now doing the country thang. He now has a hit with the song , and is adament he should win a Grammy for his interpretation. 

Opie! Live in Studio! 

During the middle of the song, Opie joins the show.

Wease plays the version from Old Crow Medicine Show, friends of the Wease Show, that he thinks is the better version. Of course the original is a Bob Dylan number.

Opie has not seen one vegetable since his time back Upstate, too much damn meat!

Wease likes his tequila with his wine, or his wine with his tequila. Either way. Friday afternoon Wease & company went to Barrel of Dolls. Doreen got herself a dance, and was (almost) inspired to do a dance herself.

Opie finds a picture of a cat on Wease's phone.

"Look at that pussy!"


Wease rehashes the story of his special needs kitty for Opie. At Lollipop Wease finds more crazy cats and goes home kittyless. For now. A new shipment comes in next week.

Pauly G. calls in from Queens, NY on assignment. This afternoon he and Ryan will be at the Letterman taping, and tomorrow is the Bethany taping. In fact, Ryan has been recruited by the Bethany crew to film a fan video. 

On a side note, Opie has appeared on Letterman and Leno. And Fallon. 

Wease revisits his time at iHeart Radio Music Festival...and comments on seeing Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Ke$ha...Wease makes the point that these performances are Broadway. Props, actors, bells & whistles. 

Opie mentions that Ke$ha has a horrible bikini body. And here's proof: 

Wease talks steatopygia...a condition afflicting mainly black women, where the ass also can serve as a table top. 

Opie asks about the Rochester subway which was shut down in the 50s. Opie enjoys urban exploring. Billy mentions ' The End of the Line' a documentary about Rochester subway.

Opie also explored the Chrysler Tower up to the top of the's some footage from Opie's Youtube channel. 

Bobbi Brown  

The chick from Warrant's Cherry Pie might not remember her...comments that she's had both Tommy Lee (notoriously big penis) and Leo DiCaprio. According to Ms. Brown, Leo actually has a bigger penis. Good for him. 


Yesterday a drunken Wease shut down restuarant operations so that the entire crowd could listen to a server sing opera. 

Wease tries to get inside the mind of a youth interested in opera. Why in the year 2013 would a young man follow the path of opera? It's antiquated. 

Also over Wease's head is jazz. He can't get it. He tried. In order to enjoy jazz you need scotch or heroin, especially with Miles Davis. 

On This Date In History...

18th November, 1928 U.B. Iwerks drew the character Mickey Mouse, calling him Mortimer. Walt Disney's wife thought the name too stuffy at which point it was changed to Mickey Mouse. 

Bobby Slayton Calls In

To be honest, I could not keep up with Bobby. He did want to thank Opie for having him on his show though, and Opie promised to have him on in another 10 years

Operatic Matt Calls In...

To clarify. He's 22 years old and his biggest influence comes from his mother who is a classical pianist. She made sure Matt was involved in theater productions growing up. And when Matt attened the Summer of the Arts at SUNY Fredonia he made the decision to devote himself to opera. You'll be hearing more from him, but for now he's making dollars at Tony D's. 

Weekend Box Office

1. Thor: The Dark World, $38.5 million

2. The Best Man Holiday, $30.6 million

3. Last Vegas, $8.9 million

4. Free Birds, $8.3 million

5. Bad Grandpa, $7.7 million

6. Gravity, $6.3 million

7. Ender's Game, $6.2 million

8. 12 Years a Slave, $4.7 million

9. Captain Phillips, $4.5 million

10. About Time, $3.5 million


A rich strip club owner divorced his wife after she found out about her infidelity, and when she moved in with her lover, his bought the house next door. Then he builds a statue of a middle finger pointing at his exes new home. 

Wease Slandered

Some "broke-down-hillbilly-ignorant-broad" has slandered the Wease. The chick has alleged that Wease steals from charity. Allegations pulled from deep within her rectum. 

"What a bitch."

Actually you might hear her on the radio. It's a crap show though and obviously their idea bank has run dry. 

Fact is Wease is a benevolent person by nature.


You can hear Opie on SiriusXM tomorrow morning--if he can make a flight back home. And that's alllllll folks!