Weird Start to the Morning!!

Bills fan that fell out of his seat and onto another fan will be banned from the stadium FOR LIFE!! We all ask though how out of soooo many fans will you be able to stop this guy? Wease thinks they wont be able too, but if he does do something stupid in the stadium it will be hugeeeee charges! Legal charges are probable and pending against this man!  

Wease is very excited because 52 years ago today the names of two of his kids are in the newspaper! Sammy Davis Jr was in a car accident, had to get his eyeball taken out & converted to judiasm making him a one eyed black jew! Lucille Ball was in the news that same day for marrying her second husband, Gary!

Tools With Sports

- Monday Night Football - Carolina vs New England; Wease bet on N.E. with 3 point spread! 59 seconds left NE at own 20 yards - get down to Carolina 18 yard with 3 seconds left, last play & its INTERCEPTED!!!!! A flag is thrown in the endzone, but quickly recalled & pulled back! Which angers Brady GREATLY & he was swearing/freaking out walking off the field! 

- 9 years ago today, Basketball, huge fight! Ron Artest & Stephen Jackson leaped into the stands to fight some muthahuckers!! Watch video: 

- Rumored that Derek Jeter watches video of himself while he sits on the bed naked... weird?! Also rumored that he has given STDs to Scarlett Johanson, Mariah Carrey & Jessica Alba!?! He has gotten 3 of the hottest broads, can get anyone he wants, has all this $ & fame - heaven cant be better than this!!

Wease Walmart Scandal!

Yesterday Wease was at Vision for a General Hospital donation of toys appearance! Every radio personality in Rochester attended and the Vision managers dressed as Santas to help collect toys! They all went to Walmart (where they were collecting the donated toys!) & everything seems to be going well until Wease notices a cop giving them all parking tickets!!!! Granted they were parked in a Fire Lane but come one theyre collecting toys to help kids!!! 

Tony Infantino & Wease start muthahuckerin the cop because the cop is STARTING to write tickets, they werent even writen yet!!!!! The cop gets on the phone with his supervisor & the supervisor says to call the Sheriff! They are now threatening to arrest Wease & Tony - but Tony points out all the TV crews & radio personality there that will make the cop look like a douch! The cops go on their own to talk & when they come back Tony advises Wease NOT to talk about this on-air because the cops let it go - but Wease says its too big of a story he just wont say names!! 

Redneck News

- Becky Russell, 35, arrested for petit larceny. Supposedly a women gave her an EBT (electronic benefits transfer) card to purchase birthday cakes from Walmart, but Russell also used the card to buy $147 worth of merchandise!

-Katherine Sherwood, 45, arrested for criminal mischief 4th degree. It's alleged that after a verbal altercation with her daughter she intentionally broke her daughters door by forcing it open when locked 

-Daniel Humberstone, 40, arrested for grand larceny in 3rd degree after he stole over $15,000 from a 90 year old man - it was over a course of several months with multiple ATM and check withdrawls

Doug with News

- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was stripped of his powers by the council. Technically he still has his position bur no council, budget, anything!!!! At a city council meeting yesterday he attacked a counselor by running at her and grabbing her!

- George Zimmerman was arrested for domestic dispute after his girlfriend called the cops on him for waving a gun in her face and breaking multiple of her posessions with the gun

- Superintendent wants colleges and universities to take on school "performance" here in Rochester. The would not finacially support the school but instead create a better curriculum! Superintendent also wants more to goto summer school as well as tighten the code of conduct in schools. 

- Lyell ave shooting last night; a 34 year old man stabbed in a parking lot between Smoking Joe's Bar & Grill & Right Aid - He was taken to Strong Hospital with serious injuries but is expected to live!

- Possible remake of "It's a Wonderful Life" releasing about 2015

- Bills fan who fell at the game yesterday maybe charged - possibly reckless endangerment or public intoxication

- New England lost to the Patriots last night! 

Radio Personality Argue!!

Wease mentioned an incident yesterday where another radio personality said Wease Cares doesnt give all its money to the kids & its a fake charity. The accusation was completely false and uncalled for & Wease had to see the person later at the Vision appearance. Some said confront her, others said let it go & management said sue! When he confronted the person she had noooooooo clue what he was talking about - either she's lying or playing reallyyyyyy dumb! Wease didnt tell her what he was talking about cause he didnt know if he was muthahuckered or not & now its a hugeeeeeee unsolved mess! 

Crazy Dunkin Donuts Theif

Every theif knows what he needs/wants to steal & has the location generally picked out - however this guy was wayyyyyy too crazy for that! This guy pretended to be a cop so he could get free dunkin donuts - yup impersonate a cop for free coffee & donuts... REALLY!?!?

New Movies

-"We're the Millers"  Jason Sudeikis is a drug smuggler who hires a fake family to help his smuggling coverage - out on DVD! Consensus here was that its hysterical!

-"The World's End"  Epic pub crawl where you must drink a pint at twelve different pubs in one night! Marianne is the only one who has seen it but she said it was actually very good

-"2 Guns" Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg are two undercover agents who try and bring down a huge drug cartel in Mexico but neither knows the other is a cop.....  

-"The To-Do List"  Aubrey Plaza caves into peer presure and makes a list of all the naughty things she wants to experience before college

Goddess of the L

A chick in Chicago got on the L-Train... NUDE!!!!!! She demanded everyone get off the train at that moment because she was "Goddess of the L" - After no one got off she began to hit people!! Cops came, arrested her & took her for psychiatric evaluation... which is pointless cause we already know SHES CRAZAYYY!!!

8 Things Guys Try to Hide

  1. Turning your head away from a women as shes approaching.... soooo your already looking in that direction
  2. Trying to lead a text conversation toward the women sending you nudes 
  3. Ask leading questions to find out if shes single
  4. Checking out another women in general

  5. Trying really, really hard NOT to look down at womens breasts
  6. When you're into a women and accidentally show up where she works/neighborhood
  7. Hiding your insecurities by going over-the-top witrh bragging
  8. Scratch yourself down below!!! Women wayyyy more subtle
Keys to Making your Marriage Last!
DOING THINGS WITHOUT EACH OTHER!!!!!! 78% of happy/successful couples say its important for both people to pursue their individual hobbies! 36% say its about learning how to argue in a healthy way!
The study also did divorcing couples and what caused them to split.... 70% of men say their wife nagged too much & 83% of women said their husbands didnt pay attention enough.... shockers!!!!!!!

Expensive Things You DONT Need to Pay For!
  1. College Courses - obviously not the degree but you can audit a class taught by professors at major universities & its FREEEEE!
  2. First-run Movies - find free screenings if you know where to look...    &
  3. Streaming services - Hulu, Netflix, Epix.... most offer free 30 day trials so just stick around for that and leave
  4. Audiobooks - hundreds/thousands of audiobooks of public domain works, available for free online because theyre read by volunteers sooooooo the quality may not be high! 
Top 10 things that Anger Us on Daily Basis
  1. People who cut in line
  2. Rude people (in general)
  3. People who dont listen
  4. Spitting ni public
  5. Being put on hold
  6. People who take advantage of government services like welfare & dont try getting OFF it
  7. People who act like their above the rules
  8. Texting & Driving
  9. People who dont say please/thank you
  10. Backstabbers