The Rascals Tonight @ Auditorium

Here's a great medley of their hits:

Duane Allman 

Born today back in 1946, Duanne was a guitarist who served as a session musician for many names, and was also the co-founder of The Allman Brothers Band. Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident on October 29, 1971. 

You probably best know Duanne from this song:

Sports with Tools

Cleveland Brown's plane ride home was terrifying, following a 41-20 loss to the Bengals, at one point, according to the players, the wings were close to hitting the ground. Here's a quote from the night --

“We’re actually pretty lucky to be alive right now, to be honest. We really escaped one. We got away with one last night.”

Sabers scored TEN seconds into the game...but afterwards it was pretty much St. Louis' night. 

Trucker Dave calls in to share how dangerous it can be driving those rigs in acclement weather. Dave reminds us--don't linger when passing a tractor trailer--for your own damn safety! 

Update on the Buffalo falling fan, not only has he been banned from all future games, but now Mr. Robert Hopkins has been fired from his employer

Like a Rolling Stone 

To commemorate the new 47-disc box set, $175.00, Bob Dylan has released an overdue music video for his song Like a Rolling Stone. It's interactive even! Check it out


47 years ago today...Keith Moon collapsed on stage and Pete Townsend famously pulled a fan from the audience to fill Keith's absence

38 years ago today...One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest was released earning an Oscar for Best Actor & Best Actress. Michael Douglas was actually a producer on this film. 

31 years ago today...Drew Barrymore became the youngest ever to host SNL at 7 years old 

19 years ago today...David Crosby got himself a new liver! 


is out on $9,000 bail for domestic violence charges with numerous special conditions including barring him from possessing any firearm weapons and an ankle monitor. 

On a philisopical note today...

You cannot always be happy. In fact, it's in the human's genetic code to NOT have happiness all times, this according to Cornell University research. But if you do want to get happy you could listen to this:

Doug with News  

-Open forum on Common Core Standards, 4-6 tonight at the  Memorial Art Gallery

-One man was killed in an Orleans car crash last night

-81 year old woman died after a crash in Henrietta on Lehigh Station Road

-New York State will see $1 billion of a $13 billion settlement from JP Morgan

-Florida Congressman Henry 'Trey' Radel is schedulde to appear in court today on charges for cocaine possession

-Rob Ford's new television show has already been cancelled after only one episode. Also, most of Rob Ford's staff has defected to the Deputy Mayor's office

-Michigan activists dressed as tigers are urging Kelloggs to stop using palm oil that is derived from Indonesian forests  

Mayor-elect Lovely Warren in Studio!  

January 1st is Lovely's first day as Mayor. Currently Lovely is in the transition phase. Apply here to submit your resume to work on her transition team.

Wease is interested in a parks & recreation position. 

Willie suggests Wease apply for the city's parking supervisor. Wease thinks he could run for mayor solely on the platform of FREE PARKING for the city. However, you still must pay for parking garages, but on this streets it's FREE. And with this policy resturants and businesses will flock to downtown. It will be a free parking boom! And to close Rochester's budget shortfalls? Wease proposes Rochester bets $500,000 on the Bills' first game. And if we lose? Rochester will bet $1,000,000 on the next game. All we need is one win folks!

Robert calls in to ask about the resolutions to oppose New York's SAFE Act...Lovely Warren reminds everybody the position of Rochester mayor position has no control over state laws, but she supports the banning of illegal guns. Brother Robert goes further asking if Lovely she thinks Upstate New York should become it's own state because of the SAFE Act...

Ask Wease

From Mike: "What's the latest argument you've had with Doreen?"

What had happened was...Wease came home from poker to catch the last minutes of a game he'd bet on. According to Wease, Doreen yelled over a TV discrepency, and Wease told her to "F herself!" Doreen demanded an apology. Wease insists they're just WORDS! Doreen stayed upset until last night when they shared the steam room, and made passionate love. 

But not quite...Doreen faked it last night. However, she did enjoying pleasuring herself earlier that day without the Wease.

From Jerry: "Will The Three Mustard Girls be appearing in Rochester soon?"

"Who the hell knows The Three Mustard Girls besides me and Billy?!"


Doreen calls in to clarify some of the particulars...including:

-She was not resentful about Wease playing poker, she actually enjoyed the time to watch Parenthood by herself

-How unexpected and hurtful it was for Wease to tell her to "f herself"

-Wease always fills the DVR space with shows he NEVER watches 

-Doreen insists she DID NOT fake, but rather she didn't enjoy it as much because she was emotionally shaken. In fact, she went to a safe place and achieved orgasm by fantasizing about Ryan Gosling. 

NBC Dateline with Dennis Murphy

We bumped with Allmans Bros. in memory of Duanne Allman, and Dennis shares that he was actually at the famous Fillmore East show...Wease was there too! 

Tonight on Dateline--10 PM--they're doing a story on Nicole Pietz who was found dead tangled in a bush of blackberries. You won't be disappointed!