Welcome Back Pauly

The world of The Wease Show is back to normal... Pauly is back behind the board, and doing the heavy lifting, Billy (that's me) is back doing the rundown, and Jackie doesn't have a million things on her plate at one time... it's down to half a million.

Pauly talks a little about his trip to NYC, and his experience going to the Letterman show.  He saw Vince Vaughn and Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson.  The following night Jennifer Lawrence was the guest, who Pauly loves.  If you were watching Letterman Monday night you may have seen Pauly and Ryann in the audience (front right corner).


In this shot they were promoting Lawrence's appearance the following night.  She had a hilarious set talking about her "fulcer".

See the pics Pauly took on vacation HERE.


Tools With Sports

Wease makes fun of Pauly for thinking that Prince Fielder getting traded from the Detroit Tigers to the Texas Rangers is big news.  In the sports world it is.

Alex Rodriguez walked out of his hearing yesterday, and talked about it with Mike Francesca on the radio, trashing commisoner Bud Selig.

Wease was at Rite Aid yesterday in the magazine section looking at the Body Issue of ESPN the Magazine and fell in love with UFC's Ronda Rousey.

Can I Get A Witness


Wease talked to our buddy Elvio Fernandes yesterday, who is out in L.A. with Daughtry promoting the band's new album.  Elvio wrote one of the songs (called "Witness"), but it's not scheduled to become a single.  That could change if people start buying just the song on iTunes, Amazon, etc... LINK TO BUY

Many women have Elvio on their "celebrity pass" list, including Pauly's GF Ryann... and Pauly may be in trouble because her list also includes Wease's buddy Tony D.  He's a celebrity?

Pauly At Letterman

Once again... look in the bottom right corner... Pauly and Ryann.  Pauly talks about how he read online that being chatty with the NBC pages while waiting in line leads to good seats.  Pauly followed this advice and became an "Audience Leader", and given special treatment.

Coming up... Pauly and Ryann on "Bethenny".

Doug With News

- RPD Chief To Retire

- State Trooper Dies At Letchworth

- Truancy Blitz In City

- Andre Reed Semi-Finalist For NFL Hall Of Fame

Cystic Fibrosis Christmas Ball

Wease's son Jake and a couple buddies are here to promote the Cystic Fibrosis Christmas Ball at the Radisson, in which money raised goes to help people with the disease locally.  Get info HERE.  This leads to talking about diseases, and Wease predicting how he's going to die someday... while OCD Pauly crosses himself, and Marianne tries to get Wease to watch The Secret, so he'll get a more positive outlook on life.

Dream Crushers

While speaking at Nazareth yesterday Wease met a kid named Steve who gave him a cd of songs he wrote and recorded. We play one of the songs, and appreciate the hard work he put into it, but probably won't be listening to it in our spare time.  Good luck Steve.

Pauly On "Bethenny"

Pauly and Ryann also went to a taping of Bethenny Frankel's daytime talk show on Tuesday afternoon, to be broadcast next Tuesday.  You'll see them many times in the audience, and also featured in a segment on the show during a discussion if going to strip clubs is cheating.

According to Pauly their were 200 women in the audience and 4 guys, so he was way outnumbered, but from what he told us it sounds like he did well on air.  Also, everyone in the audience for a $100 gift card for JC Penney, so it's like he was paid to be their because he and Ryann each got one.  It'll be on 10am next Tuesday... DVR it to watch after listening to The Wease Show.

See more of Pauly's trip HERE

Toronto Politics


We speak to Toronto City Council member Mark Grimes.  He is a friend and coworker of controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford, so we speak to him about his dealing with the Mayor Gone Wild, the great work he'd done for the city, and his recent problems.  Mr. Grimes also talks about his dozen annual trips to Rochester, and mutual friends of his and Wease's.

Chief Sheppard In Studio

Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard announced his retirement yesterday, and came to our studio this morning to talk about how he came to the decision, reinforce that it's not because he was forced out by the new mayor, and what he's looking forward to once the job is over.

Gene Cornish In Studio

Gene Cornish is the guitar player for the legendary Rascals, who played at the Auditorium Theater last night.  Originally from Rochester, he talks about his career, being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, and the Rascals current tour.