We start the morning talking about the winter storm heading for Rochester, and whether people are overreacting.  Wease thinks people are getting too nervous over nothing, but then admits he's nervous about his trip to NYC.  Follow the weather HERE.


Wease also questions this morning's newscast because one of the top stories is the season ending knee surgery of Bulls star Derrick Rose, and he's never heard of Derrick Rose.





Tools With Sports


Wease is a little grumpy because he lost money last night betting on the Redskins against the 49ers.  San Fran won 27-6.


Thanksgiving is a favorite day of ours... food and football.  GB at Detroit, Oakland at Dallas, and Baltimore at the Steelers.


Wease talks about a story he saw on the news last night about a young man accused of a business scam, but Wease is sticking up for him.  Just because he made some mistakes doesn't mean he's scamming people.  See the guy, and make up your own mind HERE.


 Redneck News


State Police in Lyons responded to a report of a disturbance on Quaker Road
involving people pos­sibly fight­ing and the sound of a gun shot.

When they ar­rived, Lu­cas A. Haak, age 17, of Wil­son Road in Macedon came out of a
home and walked up to the patrol car in an intoxicated condition.

After talking to the Trooper for sev­eral minutes, Haak reportedly asked the Trooper to leave, because he had been drinking and did not want the Trooper to see him drive away.

The Trooper pulled back a distance and Haak reportedly got into a vehicle and began driving off, but drove into a ditch.

Haak was subsequently arrested for DWI/ BAC with a blood alcohol level of .12% and multiple traffic violations. Upon his arrest and booking, Haak told police he was going to kill himself. He was then transported to Newark Wayne Hospital for observation.

At the police station, Haak allegedly kicked a sizeable hole in the wall. He has a Criminal Mischief in the 4th De­gree charge pending.


State Police responded to Brookview Drive in Macedon on Sunday (11/17) just
after noon for a report of an assault.

Ac­cording to police, Martin J. Karns, age 41, returned home ear­lier than ex­pected from a hunting trip to his live- in girl­friend, Jen­nifer Seaman and her three children, only to discover a new boyfriend, Jeff Smart, making her breakfast.

Karns allegedly put the new guy in a headlock and punched him in the face. He then allegedly slapped and pushed Seaman. In the brouhaha a t-shirt was ripped and prescription glasses broke.

Karns was charged with Assault in the 3rd Degree, two counts of Crimi­nal Mischief in the 4th Degree, Harass­ment in the 2nd Degree, three counts of Endangering the Welfare of a
Child. He was arraigned in Macedon Village Court and remanded to jail on $ 1000 cash bail with a Stay Away Court Or­der of Protection for both Smart and Seaman.

Seaman reportedly then moved out to Ida Red Lane in the Town of Ontario with Smart.

Seaman was arrested last week for Criminal Impersonation in the 1st De­gree after she allegedly called in a pho­ny prescription for the drug Flexaril at
Rite Aid in the Town of Ontario.



State Police in Lyons were called to Waterloo Street in Clyde on Thursday
(11/14) for a neighbor­hood prob­lem.

It is al­leged that, while a neighbor girl was playing out­side, Timo­thy E. Nor­ton, age 20, of
Water­loo Street pulled his
pants down and pressed his penis against the window. A video was sup­posedly taken and Norton then alleg­edly pulled his pants down and pressed his buttocks against the window.

Norton was charged with Endanger­ing the Welfare of a Child, arraigned before Galen Justice Carol Heald and remanded to jail on $ 500 cash bail to return to Court on December 4th.



Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Tuesday (11/19) of Cassan­dra Lehr, age 20, of
McDermott Street in Newark.

On Oc­tober 26th, Lehr was observed by a store employee allegedly stealing a 12 pack of Budweiser beer valued at $ 11.99. She was identified by the clerk from a mug shot appearing in  the
Times on a prior arrest.

Lehr was charged with Petit Larce­ny and will appear in Newark Village Court on January 8th.


This is poor Cassandra's third appearance in Redneck News in a month... she's stolen cough medicine, run from the police, and other stuff. 


Doug With News



- 7 Injured In California Shooting

- Sherriff Pay Raise

- Avandia Restrictions Lifted


Everybody Must Get Stoned


The news is reporting that lawmakers in Afghanistan may make in legal to stone adulterers, bringing back a practice that was used while the Taliban was in power.  This possibility has lead to many countries protesting the possibility of the law coming back.


Bonus Content... Hand Panties 

Santa Pinches An Ass


62-year-old Herbert Jones of Assonet, Massachusetts is the Santa at the Hanover Mall in Hannover, Massachusetts.  And on Saturday, he was arrested . . . for allegedly GROPING an 18-year-old girl who was working as one of his ELVES.

According to the girl, Herbert PINCHED HER BUTT as she walked past him in the Santa chair.  She also says he told her, quote, "I wish you were a few years older and I was younger."

Herbert is denying everything . . . and says the GIRL, quote, "walked by and brushed her buttocks against his hand."

He's facing a felony indecent assault and battery charge . . . can't work as the mall Santa while he's out on bail . . . and will be on bail the entire holiday season.

But here's the best part . . . his next court date is Christmas Eve.


Wease talks about the old days when he could pinch an ass and not get in trouble.


Kitty's Back


This guy's kids must be BLIND WITH RAGE.

Leon Sheppard Sr. of Cordova, Tennessee just passed away at age 79.  He was the president of the local Food and Commercial Workers union.


And instead of leaving his 4,200-square-foot MANSION and his $250,000 in savings to his five kids . . . he left ALL OF IT to his TWO CATS.


According to his neighbors, Leon LOVED his cats, Frisco and Jake . . . and apparently he loved them more than his kids.


His will states that all the money should go to the cats, and maintaining the house for them to live in.  He says that after Frisco dies, his kids will take possession of the house and can move Jake out.  They'll also get whatever money is leftover.


Attorneys say the will is totally legal . . . you CAN leave a trust for your pets.  When reporters tried to speak with Leon's family, they said they didn't want to talk about it.


This story leads to Marianne talking about a family who got willed a fortune for taking care of a doll like it was a kid, and how her sister waited on them in a restaurant.  A listener called, having seen these people himself.



Ask Wease

- Last week a listener was curious about Wease and Doreen's latest fight, and asks the same question this week.  Actually, nothing too memorable, but he does bitch at her for being to mean to the students she tutors.  He also talks about how she's too frugal to buy herself clothes, and if more expensive clothes feel better.


-  A texter was watching ESPN last week, and the set some highlights to a cover of our theme song "Let The Day Begin".  Do we know the version by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club?  Billy did, but Wease hadn't, and doesn't really like it.



- An emailer is curious how much is too much to spend on Xmas presents for your pet, and talks about the $500 his wife spent on their dog.  We all treat our pets to stuff, but that's crazy.


- A woman is trying to be supportive of her dieting husband, and not make any fattening sides or desserts.  Her family isn't happy.  Is she doing the right thing?  Wease says no.  The husband is on Jenny Craig, and they have lots of sweets.  He'll have to learn to have some self restraint, and not deprive the rest of the family.


- When someone texts you a question is it ok to send back one word replies.  Absolutely.  This leads to a discussion of phone and text etiquette.


- Is it perverted to bang in front of your pets?  Short answer... yes.  Wease then tells storiesn of times he and Doreen were interrupted by their dogs.


Tobin Ellis


We're joined in studio by bar/restaurant consultant Tobin Ellis.  Tobin lives in Vegas, and has a business like what you see on reality TV shows like Bar Rescue and Kitchen Nightmares.  He tells stories of the different bars he's worked in, and what he does for them.


He's also one of those guys that can do that fancy bartending "throwing bottles and glasses around" stuff like you see in the movie Cocktail.  Here is Tobin in action. 




Pauly On TV


Last week Pauly and Ryann were in the studio audience of "Bethenny"... we see them a bunch throughout the show, and then came the point where Bethenny asks Pauly and Ryann a question.  Pauly gives his answer, gets a round of applause, but Ryann has been edited out.  She's gonna be REALLY sad.  I guess she just doesn't have the magnetism of her boyfriend.