Monday, Monday

Wease and Marianne were both surprised that where they were over the weekend (Wease at Turning Stone, Marianne in NYC) people still seemed to be celebrating Halloween, walking around in costume.  Is it over yet?

Wease also went to see "Last Vegas" this weekend, and enjoyed it a bunch.  Marianne saw "Bad Grandpa" from the Jackass guys, where they prank people, which leads to a discussion of TV shows where people get pranked like Punk'd, and Da Ali G. Show.  Wease talks about the time Sascha Baron Cohen pranked running back Shaud Williams, who went on the play for the Bills.

Tools With Sports 

KC Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills 23-13, and Tools goes over the mistakes that made difference... from the 100 yard pick 6, to the ball McKelvin tried to pick up instead of just falling on it, to bad penalties.  See the highlights HERE

The Houston Texans played the Indianapolis Colts at home on "Sunday Night Football" last night.  And just as they were heading off the field at halftime with an 18 point lead, Texans coach Gary Kubiak fell to his knees near the 20-yard-line. 


He just sort of crouched down as he was walking, and medical staff quickly got him on his back.  But he couldn't sit up or keep his eyes open, so they took him off the field on a stretcher.  


He never lost consciousness, and was even talking as they wheeled him off, but they took him to a local hospital as a precaution.  You can tell he's in pain from some of the footage online, but supposedly it WASN'T a heart attack, and he's in stable condition.  He's 52, and apparently he just felt light-headed and dizzy.  Unfortunately for the Texans, the Colts went on to win, 27-to-24.

Pauly and Wease's good fortunes continued in Last Man Standing, with Dallas' last minute victory over Minnesota.

Fancy Man Wease Goes Shopping

Yesterday Wease went to Eastview Mall and stopped at the new Von Maur store.  He talks about how hoity toity and fancy the place is... all the beautiful stuff he saw, and how impressed he is.

Wease saw a shirt so nice that even cheap Doreen said he should've bought it despite the $190 price tag.  He couldn't even force himself to buy the $30 underwear (although the Spanx for men he wanted to get Pauly).  He saw jeans he liked to, but is waiting for them to show up at Marshalls.

Worst Mother Ever?

See the woman above?  She ripped off her 6 year old son's scrotum, and tried to glue it back on with Super Glue.

Doug Emblidge News 

- Planes Crash Mid-Air

- Guardian Angel Bus Driver Honored By Bills

- Rochester Man Injured During Jay St. Shooting

- Tractor Trailer Overturns On Thruway

Serious Crime In Wayne County 

According to Macedon police, a Sodus woman was under the influence when she drove head on into the path of another car on route 350 Wednesday night. Julynn Criscuolo, 45 of Sodus, is also a school bus driver for Wayne Central. Earlier that day, her supervisor reportedly suspected her of driving a school bus drunk after dropping off students. Times of Wayne County, a 13WHAM news partner, reports that Criscuolo was administered a blood alcohol test at a contracted BOCES company in Canandaigua Wednesday. The test revealed Criscuolos blood alcohol level was .172% - more than twice the legal limit. A few hours later, shortly before 6:30 p.m, Criscuolo was allegedly behind the wheel in the crash on route 350. According to an emergency crew on scene, it took almost an hour to extract the two woman drivers from their vehicles. The other driver, Candace Aldrich who is 64 and lives in Farmington, suffered serious injuries, including a broken leg and a partially detached foot. Aldrich was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital where she remains in stable condition. Criscuolo was treated for minor injuries and taken to Wayne County Jail on $50,000 bail. She is facing multiple charges. Police say recovered an open wine bottle from her vehicle and said prescription drugs were also a factor in the crash. She will appear in Macedon Town Court on November 26.

The southbound car pictured above was operated by Julynn M. Criscuolo. It was completely swung around and ended up facing northbound after the crash. Below, the van operated by Candace C. Aldrich, headed northbound, ended up off the road on the east side. It was estimated the vehicles crashed head-on at 55 miles per hour.

Julynn M. Criscuolo

Isn't She Lovely

We're joined in studio by mayoral candidate Lovely Warren.  The election is tomorrow, and she answers questions from Wease and the listeners regarding problems in the city she'd like to tackle if elected mayor of Rochester, such as the drug dealers plaguing the streets.  She also talks about the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Mayor Tom Richards, and the people that are still campaigning for him.  Lovely even gets a call asking her opinion of the death penalty, which she has nothing to do with.

Lovely was kind enough to bring Wease a cool shirt voicing his support for her.

Emily Good

it's political candidate day on the Wease Show, and we're joined in studio by activist Emily Good... famous for filming the police a couple years ago during an altercation... she is running for sherriff, and is in to talk about her qualifications, and ideas to improve the law enforcement departments.

She talks about problems and controversial things the police done recently, and how she would fix things.

Wease The Veteran

Next Monday night, on Veteran's Day, Wease is being honored at a dinner at the Convention Center by the Veteran's Outreach Center, and tonight at 6 and 11pm Wease is the subject of a story done by Kevin Doran on WROC Channel 8, plus there will be extra footage on their website.  Make sure to watch tonight.  If you are interested in attending the dinner get info HERE.

 I think it's great that we've all got one or two random things we inexplicably find ATTRACTIVE.  Nice abs or a sleeve tattoo are played out . . . so break the mold.


Here are the top eight things people find attractive that aren't normally considered attractive ... 


1.  Dark circles under the eyes, like the person hasn't slept.


2.  Slightly crossed eyes.


3.  When left-handed people do things with their left hand.


4.  An overbite . . . the more horse-like, the better.


5.  Young men with gray hair.


6.  Large noses.


7.  Super pale skin.


8.  Female bodybuilders. 

We also talk about this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Kerry Washington.  Two of the highlights were Washington playing a bunch of famous black women in a sketch, in response to Kenan Thompson recently saying he wouldn't play women anymore.  See that HERE.

Another highlight was the song parody "What Does My Girl Say" with Jay Pharaoh and Kerry Washington.  Watch That HERE.